Supermarkets & Bakeries

Near Lookout/St. Johns

Deepak’s Grocery
Tel:(664) 491-2737
Nadine’s Veg Grocery (Near the A&F Gas Station and LIME)
Tel:(664) 491-9577
La Boulangerie Internacionale
Collins Ghaut, St Johns
Tel:(664) 491 5375
Peter’s Bakery, St. Johns – Near the Glendon Hospital
Tel:(664) 491 4829
Jaxxxonz Supermarket
St John’s
Tel:(664) 491-9654

Victor’s Supermarket
Davy Hill Main Road
Tel:(664) 491-3973

Around Brades

Alicia’s Mini Mart
Cudjoe Head
Tel:(664) 491-9988
Angelo’s Supermarket
Brades Main Road
Tel:(664) 491-6176
Ashok Supermarket – In Ryan’s Complex – Carries a wide variety of products from around the Caribbean, USA, and UK
Brades Main Road
Tel:(664) 491-3229
Bebe’s Bakery MNI-bakery
Brades Main Road
Tel:(664) 491 4319
Economy Bakery (Two Locations)
Brades Main Road
Tel:(664) 491 6778/3778

St. Peters/Salem

King’s Supermarket and Gas Station – Located in St. Peters
St. Peter’s
Tel:(664) 491-4070
Ram’s Emdee – Located in Salem
Salem Main Road
Tel:(664) 491-5847
Star Mart
Tel:(664) 491-5136

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