Good Love

coverb-1-1 Sometimes it needs to go very wrong so it can all get really right. In her debut release, Truly Caribbean Woman’s Guide to Good Love, Nerissa shares the lessons learned from surviving a bad marriage and preparing for a future filled with love and purpose.

“When my marriage ended, I wanted to figure out what went wrong, so I wouldn’t make the same mistakes again. This book went through many title changes as I did, as I rediscovered myself and what I my life was all about. The working title was called How to Love a Caribbean Man because I thought at the time that the answer was in figuring men out. Just as they struggle to figure us out, we do the same but the answer is really in knowing who we are and what we desire most in our life,” explained the author and entrepreneur.

“I decided to write this book as women have been asking for help in this area,” she said. “It is a great place for women who are recovering from a broken relationship or considering starting a new romance to begin.”

Each chapter begins with one of Nerissa’s poems that relates to the subject. “I had no idea I could right poetry until it was the only outlet available to express what was going on inside. Writing became my solace when there was no one to talk to and I didn’t even feel worthy to pray. This book was cathartic to write but also an eye opener as I was not always ready to deal with some of the issues that I had to take responsibility for.”

The author is available to speak at seminars and other events to encourage healing and motivation for both men and women.

About the Book

The Truly Caribbean Woman’s Guide to Good Love encourages women to improve their lives and relationships by getting to know themselves and believing they can have their heart’s desire. Nerissa offers practical ideas to prepare for more rewarding connections with men and achieving the ultimate goal of marriage and family God’s way.

Topics covered in the guide include loving extravagantly, taking your sexy back and trusting your intuition.

2 Responses

  1. Just read the book, EXCELLENT job Nerissa!!!

    Can’t wait to get the paperback version. Everything from the title (which caught my attention and pulled me in) to the poems and the actual topics in each chapter was very, very impressive. I can see your experiences and parts of your life literally coming through in the writing and it was very encouraging.

    When I got done reading, I found myself wanting more…this coming from a self-proclaimed “I-don’t-like-those-chick-books” kinda guy.

  2. Nerissa,

    Thank you, so much, for being so selfless as to pour your soul into this book for the purpose of sharing with others. I just love it! No one looks forward to troubling times but to come out on the other side and use your experiences for the benefit of others is phenomenal in thought and deed! This book is my hope, my light … my tangible reminder (when things aren’t so great) that… “this too shall pass” and I will survive. Thanks so much!

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