Today’s Power Move – Take the Day Off

This may take some planning but set aside one day even in the middle of the week to do something that feeds your spirit, soul and body. A walk on the beach during lunch will work wonders. Go on and dip your feet in the ocean or burrow your feet into the sand.PowerMove---I-am-Well

Taking the time to breathe and enjoy the world outside your window is the best medicine for stressful days and worrisome nights.

Treat yourself to an at home pedicure or facial, call a friend for a long chat, cuddle your babies.

Enjoy your life.



The 7th Day: Finding your Day of Rest

The 7th day phenomenon was one I became acutely aware of in March of 2009. The kids and I were living in a woman’s shelter and I would notice the same event happening to each woman that came in after me.

If a woman arrived at the shelter on a Sunday, you would find that every Sunday she would be extremely stressed and usually threatening to leave or some other drama. I remember going in on a Thursday and so every Thursday found me unable to cope with the simplest issues that the kids would have and I certainly wasn’t up to be around other women’s troublesome kids. Even worse, I wanted out of there and soon and to hell with the house rules. Continue reading

Don't Buy Into the Recession

Trust me, don’t do it.

This may seem a hard task when the news everywhere is that the US but also other world markets are in a recession. The very use of the word recession is powerful in itself and precludes a set of activities and decisions we make to compensate. They are counting on you to compensate for this by panicking, pulling your money out of one bank or another and making fear-driven decisions that give further weight to the “recession.”

You have to choose not to do so. This does not mean since everyone has stopped spending you go on a shopping spree. It does mean that you be aware of what is happening and continue to live your life with trust in God and the belief that His word which promises you provision in good times and bad will continue. If you do not believe in the bible, this will be hard to do. When your life is based on a worldly economy then what I speak about seems unrealistic. But those of us who know the Christ know that He warned that these times would come and He has already made provision for our supply to remain. 

Fear has torment, the Word says and when you allow the fears of the world to get inside of you, then you become tormented and you lose sleep, health and money. I pray that you will allow the joy of the Lord to permiate every area of your being and you will trust Him as never before to provide for you. In Isaiah God promises that He will open streams in the midst of the desert. This is a great time to expect God to keep His word to you and your family.

Leave the recession for those who don’t believe in the Master.

Rest in Me

I don’t know many people who have mastered this concept; to be in the middle of the toughest circumstances of life and be totally at peace. The predominant attitude and belief seems to be, major problems then be majorly stressed. However, this pattern of action is 180 degrees from the attitude Daughters of the Most High should take. More stress, then more rest.

Worry is a clear indication that we are not operating in faith. Even excessive searching of the mind to find solutions for seemingly impossible problems can be a form of worry and Jesus, said “don’t bother with that  I have already overcome the world and found the solution for what ails you (paraphrase John 16:33).

This has been a lesson worth learning and every time it is tested I become more resolved each time to maintain this method consistently. Many times I begin to think that its just that I am not really dealing with anything major because I can manage to sleep at night and wake up still filled with hope about the day ahead instead of dread.  How do you have total peace, total confidence that the situation will change? How do you find the will to get up and get dressed even after too many job rejection letters?

The only answer I have for you and the one that will remain the only answer is living in the secret place as David talks about in Psalms 91. In that secret place you understand that you are covered by the mighty hand of God. As you study His word and you come to the knowledge that He cannot lie and will not forsake you, it becomes natural for you to rest in His presence.

In recent weeks, when I find the simplest things or even major situations begin to shake my faith and I find myself beginning to question and doubt, I hightail it back to His arms. I stop whatever I am doing and meditate on one of His promises to me. I open the word and just begin to read. All of it is a love letter to me and I find peace just taking in His love for me.

No matter what your situation is, run to the secret place. In this location is your peace, your security, your provision, your joy. Whatever you face don’t allow the devil to steal your joy. In joy is your strength and the ability to overcome every circumstance. When you get there, don’t waste time apologizing for not coming sooner, just rest knowing He is happy that you have come and wishes that you never leave.