Today’s Power Move – Take the Day Off

This may take some planning but set aside one day even in the middle of the week to do something that feeds your spirit, soul and body. A walk on the beach during lunch will work wonders. Go on and dip your feet in the ocean or burrow your feet into the sand.PowerMove---I-am-Well

Taking the time to breathe and enjoy the world outside your window is the best medicine for stressful days and worrisome nights.

Treat yourself to an at home pedicure or facial, call a friend for a long chat, cuddle your babies.

Enjoy your life.



Making Time for Me

My girl Heather Headley has this jam called Me Time. I have learned that Me Time is really important to making me a better mommy and Daughter of the Most High. In fact, the more I spend time with Daddy the more He insists that I care for myself.

Me Time doesn’t always cost money but it does require time. I remember once getting a coupon to go and get a pedicure at a local resort spa for my birthday. I could never find the time to go and get it. Everything else was always more pressing. When I finally made the time the coupon had expired. Luckily they were willing to honor it and I got the pedicure, six months after the fact. What was so hard about finding one hour to make my feet feel pretty?

Time and one too many sore feet and back has taught me that I am never any good for the people I care about if I am not good for me. In the end, the best investment I can make which will allow me to care for my children and fulfill my passion to motivate others is to care for my body, my spirit and my mind.

Me Time takes many forms. Sometimes its a midnight moment sitting on the toilet seat reminding God of what I need Him to help me with. Other moments its running off to get my hair done or visit a friend. I don’t schedule them, because raising four kids can be unpredictable at times. However, I have learned to cease the moment and take them when I see opportunity.

I pray that you find the time for some Me Time this weekend. If there seems to be none, ask the Holy Spirit to show you opportunities you may have overlooked to stir your Spirit and refresh your mind. What is always nice is that when I grab the small moments they eventually turn into a regular part of my week.