We Shouting

What are you doing today? We having a party over here. Nope, no champagne flowing, no balloons but we jamming none the less. God is calling all who have been waiting for the rain to fall and the blessings to flow freely to begin the praise party NOW! Remember Psalms 35:27 …All your friends are to be shouting for joy and saying “Let the Lord be magnified who has pleasure in prospering you.”¬†

What? No one else believing with you for your victory. That’s okay too. God, Jesus and the Heavenly Host are on your side. So rejoice and be exceedingly glad my sister and brother.

My new favourite jam is William Murphy’s ‘The Sound’. Here it is and I hope it lifts your spirit. The Sound

True Prosperity

My Spirit awoke with these words in my ear “Let them shout for joy, and be glad that favor my righteous cause: yea, let them say continually, Let the Lord be magnified, which hath pleasure in the prosperity of his servant.” Psalms 35:27.

Over the weekend my ex-husband said to me that he sees no way that he could be alive and be wealthy and I be poor. My response, I am not poor. I am rich. Immediately he called me religious and said he was talking about reality. It always makes me laugh when believers can separate spiritual things from the reality of life. For if we truly believe that we are spirit beings living in a human body then we know that what we see in the spirit is real and is left to us to bring forth its manifestation.

I wasn’t being super-spiritual. I am rich. I feel rich. The gift of the past 12 months has been an even clearer understanding of the true riches of His grace that Paul speaks about. I understand that when I have my peace, I can move mountains and when I have the word of God within me, that the Angel of the Lord goes to bat for me when I am in trouble. I needed that word this morning because I need to see God go to bat for me today. Not tomorrow, not next week, today!

He always does. I get to the end of each day and rejoice because my peace remains in tact and it doesn’t matter the outcome God is still worthy of praise and glory. The more I look at my life, the wealthier I feel. God is good to me. My children are healthy and they are strong. They love God and they love me. I am marveling in being able to touch them because a month ago, I ached to hold them or even to see them.

True prosperity is knowing I can open God’s word, believe His promise to me and then expect Him to live up to it. King David at one point asked God to judge him, not based on his own issues but according to God’s righteousness. God is righteous and He is good. Left to our own righteousness, which we do not possess we would be worthy of nothing but judgment.

True prosperity for me today is being able to write, to open my mouth and speak, sing a song, tell my children I love them, tell someone that God is good, offer a smile, a hug, think a good thought, allow  a space for my dreams to flourish and keep my heart pure before God.

Today I will magnify my God because He is taking absolute pleasure in prospering me today and every day.