pro choice

Pro-Choice, Pro-Life, Pro-Grace

A few years ago, I would have stated adamantly I was Pro-Life as defined by the dictionary, meaning abortion should be illegal and every effort should be made to preserve the life of an unborn baby. (A minimalist view of a very vast label.) I still feel that way but I also feel strongly that women should continue to have the right to make that choice.

My reasoning has nothing to do with whether the woman was sick, raped or some other tragedy that has caused her to reach that decision. The truth is that God is a great God and He can do anything. If we choose to believe He can heal our unborn baby, He can. If we choose to let Him turn a baby born of rape into a blessing, He can certainly do so. If we choose to believe that life would be better without an unwanted baby, He also accepts that decision, recognizing we don’t see the whole picture.

But from the beginning of time, God gave us the right to choose. Joshua at the end of his days, spoke to the Israelites and asked them to choose who they would serve. He reminded them of the promises that his predecessor Moses had written down from God. There was no doubt about it. They had a choice. They could choose to serve the only Living God and reap the blessings that came with this life or they could choose to walk away and serve themselves and false Gods. The end result would be curses that were the opposite to the promised blessings.

God has never taken away our right to make choices. When Jesus came, He always spoke about the commandments and declared He came to fulfill them. He reminded us that the greatest commandment was to love. In other words, it is a matter of the heart. It is a matter of choosing to follow God’s plan over our own ideas.

It does sadden God when we don’t see the gift of life within us. He put it there. Every baby created is a slap in the devil’s face as he cannot create life. No matter the circumstances under which the child was conceived, God gets the glory when we bring them to life.

Women need to count the cost of their choices. They cannot look at just the immediate relief of the cover-up, the ease of not having to change their lifestyle to make way for a child, but the long term questions they will ask themselves. For many who have come to Christ since having an abortion it can be a bittersweet moment. They missed a chance to experience God’s grace to bring them through a challenging moment. Missed a miracle that He wanted to give them in the form of unmatched provision and blessings through a little creation. Yet they experience that same grace when they cast their choices at the feet of Jesus and accept His forgiveness and healing for choosing to have an abortion.

God gives us the power to choose our own path and destiny. His heart’s desire is that we choose life but no matter our decision, He will be waiting to embrace us with extravagant love and to help us make improved choices next time around.