Shifting from Panic Mode to Prosper Mode

A few months ago I got a call from someone going through an unexpected job loss. She wanted me to help her find work and immediately I began reeling off options. After we hung up, it hit me that I’d taken the wrong approach. I’d switched into fire fighter mode without truly investigating what her real needs were and at best, my options would have only been a temporary fix.

Our first decision is usually to put things back the way they were. If we were making $5000 a month to cover our bills, then we want to find another job to replace that income. A more useful approach would be to see a job loss or other major change as a gift, a stop sign on the road of your life to say, “here’s a great place to check your GPS and see if you are heading in the direction you want to go.”

I shot off an email to her asking her to spend a few days reconnecting with her spirit and going back to the basics. I encouraged her not to make a decision about her future while her mind was racing. Getting still in this season is critical.

Yes, making money is important but if all you’ve done is replace something that wasn’t fulfilling you with something else that isn’t then you’ve made a lateral move.

A personal or business disappointment is the right time to shift.

Stop. Breathe. Think.

What do I need to learn from this?

How can I use this opportunity to make a shift that will impact my future in a positive way?

What actions can I take to manifest what my deepest desire is?

You may be surprised at the answers and although they may seem counter to your usual mode of operation, it is important to pay attention to the solutions you receive. Trust your spirit as you really do know what you need to thrive.

Take notes of how you feel, does the decision increase your stress or alleviates it? If the choice causes you more anxiety then it is not the choice for you at this time.

You are always able to make one move towards that new direction. That first move is always to make a decision to expect good things to happen for you. The second is to take action in the direction of your new goal.

Shortly after my friend began to make plans more in line with her long-term dream for herself and seeing the results. The job I was suggesting while it would have paid the bills would have taken her in a direction further from her own inner guidance. When we take the time to be still, we can tap into the power of God within us, which desires that we live the richest life possible.

Today’s Power Move: Finish What you Start

PowerMove---I-am-a-FinisherI’ve struggled with completing tasks since as a child. In fact, I’d write and get so bored with what I’d writing I would rush to the end or leave it hanging. This actually hung over my head for a long time and inhibited me from following my dream to be a writer. Now, I’ve written a few books you would think I would confess to mastering it, but truthfully it can sneak up in get me at the oddest times.

Not everything we do in life is something we can do with joy and passion. You may not like doing laundry or cleaning house but it must be done. You’ve got to dig a bit deeper and determine to complete the tasks that will get you to your goal.

Today focus on one task at a time. No multi-tasking. Pick one that you can accomplish in an allotted time.If this means turning off the television, your mobile phone or Facebook, then do it. Once you’re done give yourself a small treat and then set another task that you can do.

Each time you reach the end, you will gain more confidence and be able to apply the same practice to a much bigger task.

Go for it! You’ve got the spirit of a finisher.


Today’s Power Move – Take the Day Off

This may take some planning but set aside one day even in the middle of the week to do something that feeds your spirit, soul and body. A walk on the beach during lunch will work wonders. Go on and dip your feet in the ocean or burrow your feet into the sand.PowerMove---I-am-Well

Taking the time to breathe and enjoy the world outside your window is the best medicine for stressful days and worrisome nights.

Treat yourself to an at home pedicure or facial, call a friend for a long chat, cuddle your babies.

Enjoy your life.



Today’s Power Move: Get Connected

You are only as good as the people around you and you can’t make it in business without the right help.

PowerMove---Well-ConnectedWhether it is keeping your accounts in order, or a maid to keep your children from being smothered under the loads of laundry you can’t get to, you need to build a support unit so you can focus on the core aspects of growing your business.

Today your power move is to get connected. Reach out to two professionals you want to do business with or to learn from. If they have an email list then get on it. If they are on Twitter then follow them. Reach out by email or phone and let them know about what you are doing and how you can support their efforts.

Be willing to offer your services for free for a predetermined time to show them that what you have to offer.

Find ways to add value to your budding relationship and stay open to learning from them.


Today’s Power Move – Think Rich

PowerMove---I-am-RichIt’s not spiritual to think about being rich, at least that was what the church sermons and messages I heard growing up seemed to say. The love of money is the root of all evil and it was translated and passed down into “Money will get you to hell quickly. Serve Jesus, suffer without and reap bountifully in heaven.”

What a lie. You can want money without loving money. The bible says as in heaven, so on earth. If heaven is awash with paved roads of gold why are we struggling to find what we need to live daily?

Jesus said not one bird falls that I don’t notice. Not one head of hair on your head goes unaccounted for. Don’t worry about what you need to eat, where you need to sleep or what you will put on because your Heavenly Father knows you need them. (Paraphrase of Matthew 6).

I want you to be rich. I want to be rich. If you are and I am then we can do some amazing things together and help other people who are not yet at the place to see they can get what they need to succeed in life as well.

In the late 90s I worked for a woman who taught me that I should plan my budget around the life I wanted to have, not based on what money I had available to me right that minute. It goes against rationality. It goes against sound mathematics and business practices. However, it is what you need to do if you want to get ahead.

I wrote about it in The Making of a Caribbeanpreneur but honestly I struggled with it for a long time. I wasn’t giving myself permission to want richness for myself as I wanted it for others. I won’t debate now the difference between being rich and wealthy. Right this moment we need the richness of money to do what needs to be done.

Start to plan for it. Expect it. Make room for it in how you think and how you function. It will cause you to look for new ways that you would have ruled out because of an old ideology.

As I opened myself to receive more. The richness sort me out. I did not need to pursue it. I only needed to be open to receiving it.

Practice Today’s Power Move and then taken the inspired action. Create a budget based on the life you want to have.