Beyond the Mess

There’s a crazy and wonderful thing that happens once you get beyond the mess.
Call it what you will but it only shows up when you don’t let your mess keep you stuck.
The woman with the issue of blood in the bible comes to mind. The story goes that she was bleeding for 12 years and couldn’t get relief. She’d already tried every natural and scientific method known to man at the time but her problem only got worse.
She was basically an outcast according to Jewish law. Once a woman was bleeding she couldn’t be part of everyday activities. Imagine never being able to be with your family and friends, living life on the fringes.
She heard about a man coming to town. Jesus.
This man was said to be doing miracles, feeding thousands with a handful of fish and bread, healing sick people and raising the dead. She wasn’t dead yet but probably thought I am pretty close to it as this is not living.
She had two options, give up and expect never to be well or break tradition and Jewish laws and get into the crowd and see this man.
The story says she thought if only I could touch Him I would be whole. The Hebrew word for whole is the same as peace. A better definition is “Nothing missing, nothing broken.” She wasn’t trying to have a conversation or tell her story. She just wanted to touch this man because surely that would be enough. She’d already told her story, everyone knew her business and all about her non-life. If this man was anybody of note, he wouldn’t need her story.

You’ve got to get tired of the story. It becomes the excuse, the reason why you don’t progress. You get addicted to telling the story and getting the commiserations from others.
She broke through the resistance in her own mind and her need to keep a distance from everyone. Her desperation to be healed was greater than her need to keep the law and to keep accusing eyes far away.
She must have been smelling. Her clothes may have been soiled. She didn’t care. She was already broke and had no relationships left to lose. She was out of options.
She touched Jesus and the story goes that immediately the blood leakage stopped. Jesus felt that someone had tapped into His power and He questioned who touched him. She confessed to what she’d done. He went further and declared you are whole (nothing missing, nothing broken). He not only healed her body but she also received a restoration of her relationships and resources.
You’ve been bleeding for a long time.
Your finances are a mess.
Your home life is in shambles.
You have maintained the façade long enough that you got it together. I know. They say “never let them see you sweat.” Don’t listen. Some situations will require you to sweat, cry, or bleed your way to victory.
Don’t worry about what they will say. Don’t mind the eyes on you accusing you of being someplace you shouldn’t be. Press in. Let them see you bleeding. Expose the areas of hurt, not so they can inflict more pain but so you can receive victory.
You have nothing left to lose.
Beyond the mess of your current circumstance is a miracle. It will be received when you make yourself vulnerable to the very people who have the most power to hurt you. It comes when you no longer care about maintaining an image or reputation and you hunger for freedom and victory more than the accolades of man.
The magic happens when you let go of trying to find your own solution and you surrender to the power of the Almighty to bring about victory in a way that restores and elevates you.
All of creation is waiting to do you good.

Today’s Power Move – Operate Like A Love Child

I bet you’ve seen a little girl or boy who just looks like love. You see them even without an adult around and you can tell the child is soaking in the love pool all day ever day.PowerMove---I-am-Loved

You can be that way too.

You are the Love Child of the Most High God so act like it. Expect blessings and favour. Give favour and blessings to those you meet.

Get up and do it again tomorrow and the day after that.


A No Regrets Business

By Jeanna Gabellini

Many people talk about their bucket list. They keep a mental (sometimes written) list of all the things they want to experience or achieve before they “kick the bucket”.

My brother, J.J., suddenly transitioned a couple of weeks ago, at the age of 42, so it got me thinking about living a life of no regrets. He was pretty good about checking things off his list, including booking a trip with me to Italy this fall.

Most of us are usually so focused on surviving what’s happening in our life this right now moment that we put off our bucket list stuff until we can get things handled now.

Well, you know how that goes. Life doesn’t slow down. New issues pop up that need handling.

But what if you peppered everyday life with the good stuff, instead of saving it for someday?

When I had kids I noticed how I pushed off traveling until they grew older. It didn’t feel good so I began taking short trips several times a year. That felt great. I’ve snuck in two trips to Maui since then and Italy is still happening in the fall (my mom will now be joining me, making this our 2nd trip to Italy together!).

And you can bet that I’ll be adding more time off from work this coming year.

But what about a living a life of no regrets in your business?

Instead of waiting for good fortune to come your way, what if you actively sought out amazing opportunities?

What if you…

  • Charged more for your services?
  • Stopped hiding your expertise?
  • Created that awesome product or service?
  • Paid yourself first?
  • Took a month long vacation?
  • Finished your website?
  • Partnered with your idol?
  • Hired an expert?
  • Hired a team?
  • Wrote your book?
  • Spoke on a large stage?

What if you did something about it now?

Most people refer to regrets as things they wished they would’ve done but didn’t.

I’ve always been most fulfilled in my business when I did something that put me outside of my comfort zone. Why keep experiencing the same things over and over?

That can be nice, but is it juicy?

There is always more joy to be had. More unique experiences. A deeper connection to source energy. More fulfillment. More peace.

Write a bucket list for your business. Go nuts with it. Brainstorm for an hour or two.

Then create your plan to start living it. One step at a time.

When you give yourself fully to a joyful business experience, profits will follow in abundance.

Jeanna Gabellini is a Master Business Coach who assists high achieving entrepreneurs, corporate leaders & their teams to leverage fun, systems and intentionality for high-octane results. An entrepreneur for 25 years she has a treasure trove of kick-butt tools to give you peace & profits. Get The 5 Keys to Pinpoint your business prescription for more income and joy!

12 Thoughts on Caribbean Entrepreneurship

1) Get paid. A compelling reason to start a business is to make money. Start a business that earns you money from the first day, even if it at the onset you are only able to reinvest with supplies and marketing.

2) Start out planning for growth. Entrepreneurs are usually thought of as one-person operations but why limit yourself? Expect to grow. Expect to have employees. Do work that you cannot execute by yourself.

3) Solve a problem. Your problem should you choose to acknowledge it, is that you need a job and no one is hiring. Stop the blame game and employ yourself.

4) No limits. So your island has a population of 2000, that’s no reason not to start your venture. Now you’ve got the makings for creating an “exclusive” and “high value” product or service.

5) Get connected. There are others like you. Find them and support their dream. Team up to purchase raw materials or to ship packages overseas. Share showroom or office space.

6) Find a mentor. Why learn everything the hard way? Don’t be afraid to ask for help and ask questions when you need answers.

7) Use technology. Even if you are not interested in going global, you can deploy software and equipment to make your business more efficient. Being able to track your sales, expenses, hours of work will help you to make better decisions on how to grow your business.

8) Solve a bigger problem. Is there an obvious gap in the market? A frequent complaint that has earning potential? Do the research, then solve it for a price.

9) Brag about it. This is not the way most Caribbean people were raised but if you don’t let people know what you are doing, then you are limiting your opportunities to attract new customers and build brand loyalty.

10) Be a pro! I’m not talking about positioning yourself as an expert when you are only getting started. Be a real professional. Show up daily and deliver consistently good service, high value and quality work to your customers.

11) Solve an even bigger problem. When you have an established business and brand with a loyal customer base it gives you leverage and the resources to tackle those issues which have community, sociopolitical and global impact. Championing a cause should never drain your resources or joy. You need to have both to live and thrive.

12) Be a giver. Choosing to wait to champion a cause doesn’t exclude you from giving to others even from your first day. When you give to others (time, money, advice) you are keeping the channels open to receive.