Montserrat Running Club Donates EC$3,000 to Charities

November 27th, 2010 is the date for the 2nd Montserrat Volcano Half Marathon

Monies given to CharitiesBRADES, Montserrat – At a press conference held this morning at Radio Montserrat’s office in Sweeneys, the Montserrat Running Club presented cheques totalling EC$3,000 to three Montserrat charities.  The representatives on hand from Meals on Wheels, Special Olympics and the Golden Years Retirement Home each received EC$1,000 from members of the Montserrat Running Club, which recently organised the very successful 1st ever Montserrat Volcano Half-Marathon. The Club also announced at the press conference that Saturday November 27th, 2010 will be the date for the 2nd Montserrat Volcano Half-Marathon.

Members of the print and electronic media on hand were given a full report on the staging of the 1st Montserrat Volcano Half Marathon, from the five (5) Running Club members that organised the event.  This team consisted of James “Fittest Man” Greenaway, Henry Odbert, Jonathan Stone, Wilston Scotland and Ishwar Persad.  The team also thanked the financial sponsors of the event, particularly the Montserrat Tourist Board, the Sports Department and the Governor’s Office, which provided the bulk of the funding to host the event.  Other contributors were also recognised, including all the volunteers who assisted during the event and the various businesses and individuals that donated items for the event.

Merle Galloway, who represented Special Olympics, thanked the Running Club and said that the parents and athletes would be especially pleased with the generous donation and.  The representative for Meals on Wheels and the Golden Years Retirement Home, Ms. Cheryl White, also expressed her appreciation for the donations made, and indicated that the monies would help immensely in the operations of both of these charities.

The Montserrat Running Club members also outlined to the media some of its strategies to encourage greater participation in next year’s event.  These include additional local and overseas promotions and advertising; branding and promoting the race as an extreme and unique running event; creating of special vacation packages for runners coming to compete, and organising a series of shorter running events leading up to the 2nd Volcano Half Marathon.  Additionally, the Club’s aim is to promote healthy lifestyles, and thus will become very vocal in encouraging residents on Montserrat to become more active and take up road walking and running.


From L to R. Henry Odbert, Ms. Cheryl White, Wilston Scotland, Merle Galloway, Jonathan Stone, James Greenaway and Ishwar Persad


The Montserrat Volcano Half Marathon is organised by the Montserrat Running Club.  It is a strenuous and unique 13.1-mile race, on a very hilly and rugged course that  provides runners with views of the active Soufriere Hills Volcano in the south of Montserrat, as well as the spectacular coastal vistas and verdant scenery.  The premiere edition of the race was held on December 5th, 2009 and was won by Neville Nicholls of Antigua in a time of 1:36:20.  The 2010 race will be held on Saturday November 27th, 2010.


The Montserrat Running Club is a not-for-profit organisation that organises running and other sporting events in order to attract visitors to the island, and also to encourage residents to become more physically active, thus promoting healthier living lifestyles. The current Directors are Ishwar Persad – Marketing Manager at the Montserrat Tourist Board; Henry Odbert – Volcanologist at the Montserrat Volcano Observatory, and James “Fittest Man” Greenaway – Technician at Radio Montserrat.   To become a fan of the Montserrat Volcano Half Marathon, go to, e-mail or call (664) 491 2230/8730.

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Stay Steady and Strong

If I was a runner, I am pretty sure I would not be a marathon athlete. I never considered myself a person of patience. I would want to run the 100m dash and get to the finish line as fast as possible. The very thought of training for a grueling race such as a marathon gets me tense. Why would anyone want to put in that much energy and time into training for hours, days and many miles?

Life is not the 100m dash. I enjoyed seeing my Jamaican brother Usain Bolt take the gold and make a new world record. Imagine if he had run the 100m the way he ran his leg of the relay in 8.9seconds. I think there would be a whole lot more drama and frustration about how he could possibly do it without enhancement. But don’t worry it will soon be done in under 9 seconds and we won’t think anything of it.

But life is not a fast race. In fact, it looks more like the slow, methodically rhythm of the marathon. It makes no sense to start out at the head of the pack at break neck pace. We won’t be able to keep up the pace. Ever so often there are markers along the road to tell you that you are heading in the right direction. Those are especially helpful when you seem to have pulled away from the other runners and alone with miles of road ahead. What do you do when the finish line is not in sight? You know it is still ahead of you and its been a while since you’ve seen a marker? How many more miles await? Fancy runners today have watches that keep the time and tell you the miles completed. What do you do in life when there are no markers. You set out on the race, knowing the intended finish line but where you are in the race, there seem to be no sign posts marking how far you have come or how much more there is ahead?

The words of Paul become relevant to me at these stages. Philippians 3:14 We are encouraged to press forward to the finish line ahead. You know it is there. You know that when you started there was Jesus, the Holy Spirit and God cheering you on. They have not left and they won’t. Jesus has promised never to leave us or forsake us (Joshua 1:5). Another scripture to remember at this time is to remember that when you have done all you can to stand, then just stand (Ephesians 6:12-14).

I think I’ll let Donnie tell you the same thing in a song. Here is the  You Tube link to “Stand.”