The Best Parts of My Day…

Is when I awake to find your presence in the room.
When my eyes behold the sunrise and when I feel the gentle breeze on my skin.
It’s to search my heart and find you in every crevice of it and wishing I had more to give.
It is singing you a song because I desire to worship you with my very being and the gifts you have blessed me with.
It is feeling the warmth of my children snuggled next to me and knowing that they are safe in your arms as I am.
It is knowing that you don’t wish to be any where but with me today.
Those are the best parts of my day.

No Apologies – I'm a Jesus Freak

Back in the day I loved me some DC Talk and I must confess I am still a Jesus Freak today. Check out there video on You Tube here ,

There is a lot I can say about having a better life, improving relationships, making money and so on but all of it is meaningless if it doesn’t start with a relationship with Jesus and end with Him. King Solomon who had wisdom, riches and anything his mind could conceive got to the end of his life realizing it all is vanity, meaningless. The pursuit of money only leads to an endless desire for more money. The yearning to belong and fit in always leads to a yearning to fit in to the latest and the greatest that society dictates.

But when you seek the peace of God and pursue it, this only leads to a consistent yearning to maintain a relationship with a faithful God and to serve Him the way Jesus did.

I say this today because I remember the days when my fervor just to speak about Jesus was equally mixed with my own fervor to stand out and I built myself my own temple to worship me in. Pride still goes before the fall and so I had my fall. What I now know to be true is that nothing I share about having the life you desire can be obtained with any real success without the knowledge that Jesus is essential for true happiness and peace. I want that for you. True happiness and peace. When you have peace, everything else follows. When you pursue money, fame, land, men, women, a career, believing those things will bring you happiness you are guaranteed to be disappointed.

Jesus is worth knowing. In fact He is the source of true living, and true peace. I trust that as you read my blog you will be inspired to seek Him out for yourself. He promises that if you seek me, you will find me, if you knock I will open.

A New Beginning

The religious world is making much of today being August 8 of 2008. God being a God of perfect order and sequence, eight is the number of new beginnings.

However, not everyone will have their new beginning today. It will only be experienced by those who have done the work. What work you ask? The work to seperate yourself from the pain and burdens of the past that have kept you from receiving God’s best. If you believed everything prophesied at the start of the year, you swore January was going to find each believer abounding in supernatural blessings and favor. But I know, the start of the year signalled a deeper commitment by God to seperate me from the past.

It was not pretty at times and down right embarrasing at other moments. You don’t pray and ask God to do a work then hope He doesn’t remember. He takes your prayers seriously and He is not about to pour the new wine of His power and blessings into a life that is old and stained with the sins of the past. He is all about new beginnings but first He wants to make you over as new.

I love the new me. She is more patient and loving, first to herself and then to others. This new woman still has fears but rather than allowing them to paralyze her from moving, she takes a moment to look beyond the fear and see the glory waiting on the other side. Like a woman in labor, you know the delivery is a necessary journey to bring forth new life. And so, I pray that you continue to allow the Lord to remake you anew so you can have your new beginning.

It could happen today for you, just ask Jesus to come into your heart and be Lord of your life. He won’t turn down the invitation and if you trust Him, He will guide you every step of the way to become the person you were designed to be even before the world began.

Much love and miracles to you and yours today.

Get Ready!

In case you missed the headlines, Jesus is Coming Soon. Yeah, I know you didn’t get the newsflash on CNN but that doesn’t make it any less factual. Thing is, are you ready to meet Him?

Soon is relative and soon will be as soon as you and I get our act together and start looking like a bride being adorned for her husband. To tell you the truth when I got married, it was a pretty slap dash affair and if I had just thought about my lack of passion as it related to my wedding day, I would have never showed up at the Court House.

If we are conscious of the dream that women carry to have the perfect wedding day and practice that level of preparation in our relationship with Jesus Christ, we won’t have to worry about showing up and wondering, should I really be getting married today.

Just as marriage should be taken on consciously and with precision, so should the Bride of Christ be conscious and precise about our decision to walk with Him each day. I can see Him anxious for the wedding day but His Father, saying “No Son, She’s Not Ready yet.”

You wouldn’t want your man to come pick you up for a date and your hair isn’t done and your nose and eyes are puffy from crying because you realized you had nothing to wear? Days before, hours before you have started prepping for his arrival. Yet, we act as if we have all the time in the world to get ready for our Christ.. Jesus said “behold I stand at the door and knock.” He is knocking and you aren’t even home to answer. You were to be there waiting for Him because you accepted Him as your savior and pledged to serve Him. Now He has shown up and you are not there.

I pray that today you will get ready to go. That preparation includes accepting Him as your Lord, renouncing sin, learning who Jesus is by reading and believing His word, then committing to shining your Light in the world around you. It’s getting dark ya’ll so it must be time that our lights shine brighter than ever before.