Honesty Creates Heroes

True heroes don’t set out to get their names on the front page of a newspaper or end up in a history book. There are simpler ways to do that. Heroes make simple decisions like being honest. Honest like Rosa Parks was when she admitted she was tired and wanted to sit down where she was, rather than go to the back of the bus where blacks were required to sit. Sitting down caused a rising up that changed history and led to the end of segregation in the United States.

Mr Nelson Mandela was a hero because he was honest. He had gone through enough in his early life that he could have said I don’t need to rock the boat anymore. I can sit here and practice “safe” law. But that became impossible as his clients needed him to defend them against a system that was out to kill them. Honest people don’t turn a blind eye to the suffering of others. They choose to see someone in pain and take on the responsibility to do something about it.Honest people recognise that once they have been informed, they are now expected to do.

Mr Mandela did extraordinary things but he was an ordinary man. He broke hearts, chose politics over family (according to his first of three wives), had affairs and broke laws ( even though they were for the greater good).

The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.”- President Nelson Mandela

Mandela understood that courage was not the absence of fear but to do what was necessary despite the fear. This is something I remind myself of often. Do it Afraid!

We can each be a hero in our own life. We can choose to live healthy so we can be there for our loved ones and so we are physically able to do what we were purposed to do. We can choose to stop pointing fingers and expecting someone else to be the problem solver and become the answer that your family or community is waiting for. We can choose to make the decision to live beyond our fears and insecurities and take action.

We can choose to be the hero in our life.

Rest well Mr. Mandela.


Not in My Boat

Isn’t it great to be alive?

Just got through scrubbing the bathrooms, which used to be my favorite chore as a girl but now it is such a hassle but yet whenever I do, the Spirit manages to show up and talk. I guess I am less bothered about stuff in that room and in fact, the whole processing of scrubbing and cleaning also cleanses me as well.

I’ve been thinking about writing through pain and I remember a time when I could not write at all. It didn’t matter whether it was a good day or bad, words just would not flow. Now I know it is because I had such a fear about my ability to write that I felt it was useless to try. Then writing became the way I communicated to God when I felt my mouth failed me in prayer. God used that to heal my heart and show me the true state of my relationship and also how far I had gone from Him. But in truth, He had never left me and was just waiting for me to see that. Continue reading

I'm a Girl!

Don’t you like being a girl? I sure do. When I was younger I thought boys had more fun but now I love that God made a girl.

My usual answer lately to many questions I am asked is “Because I’m a girl!”

I have come to see that God treats His girls differently than He does boys and so I actually frustrate the process and myself when I speak and act out of turn.

What I am saying may be hard for most women today to swallow because we grew up with feminism in our faces, telling us that we could do anything we wanted to and be as good as the boys. But this was never about competition or being better than our men. God’s plan is that we compliment each other. Just as a runner gets disqualified when he goes into the other runner’s lane, so we get disqualified and miss the blessings when we don’t fulfill our purpose as women.

It’s actually a lot of fun just focusing on my femininity, bringing a quiet strength rather than needing to be the center of attention, being compassionate and tender without fear of being taken advantage of, trusting that God does take caring for me seriously and trusting in His timing and methods.

Why is life so good right now? Because I’m a girl that knows she is her Father’s favorite and he dotes on her. Since He is my covering, my supply, my protection, with no need to fear or to compromise on my heart’s desires. The very desires of my heart, God grants because my heart is totally trusting in Him.

I’m glad to be a girl, Daughter of the Most High God.