The List

love listsWe’re a world gone list crazy. Post a top 10 worse dressed list or 5 reasons to dump him and everyone is reading and sharing. But are lists really the best way to live our life to the fullest and accomplish our dreams?

One guru says make a list so you can check off each goal as you do it. Another says chuck the lists and allow spirit to be your guide. Who’s right and who’s wrong?

They both have merit and depending on what you are doing it is essential to have a list.

If you were planning an event, you would want to know all the things you needed to buy and what tasks must be done and by whom. Lists are not so good when you are making life altering decisions like selecting a mate or going after a big dream.

As a woman I can easily fill a legal-size pad with all the requirements I want my dream husband to have and then spend considerable amount of time dreaming that he was in my like. But what a waste of time and energy. The energy that it takes to conjure up this mental image of the perfect guy who is six-foot tall, Harvard graduate and with a seven-figure bank account would mean precious spiritual resources which are unavailable to tap into your inner desires.

His physical appearance and financial status,though very important should not outweigh the need that he be someone who meets your emotional needs and is willing to be a co-creator in the relationship. You may want someone who enjoys the things you do but at the risk of falling in love with yourself, it would be a better idea that he be someone willing to engage and support you in your exploits as you would do with his.

When going after a dream that seems unattainable it would seem to make sense that you plot out exactly how you will get there but often that reduces your ability to see other options. You get tied in to the one way you believe it has to manifest and so push away any other ways that it can come to reality. I did this when I was creating Victory Christian Academy. I had my mind and plans set on this one way I wanted the school to work. I planned campaigns around it and had my mind and heart set on having it my way. However, the more I held on, the further away I got from the goal to open the school. The moment I let go of this one way it all had to come together was the very instant that it worked out. Money started coming, parents started to register their students and we were on our way.

So I say make your lists for grocery shopping, to-do tasks around the home or when setting up your business but chuck the lists when you are ready to draw in the love of your life or go after that massive dream. Stay open to what love has for you. Do not compromise what your spirit and emotions really need to thrive for the sake of getting a man with just the right height and wealth. Do not accept shortcuts to your dream because it will allow you to check boxes on your lists. Ask yourself if this route connects with your deepest desires and visions for its fulfillment.

Be blessed. You are eternally loved.

Domestic Violence – My Story II

Having your own money is a key part of being able to walk away from violent relationships, says Nerissa Golden.

The second time I was in the shelter, I was divorced and alone. I literally had run for my life and had no choice but to leave the kids behind.

Three weeks prior, my parents had asked me to leave their home with my children, knowing fully well I had no resources or place to take them. During this period, I had also been waiting on the Lord to manifest some promises that He had shown me to come to pass, so I was not too afraid about leaving. Often, when God wants us out, He will allow our very family and friends to be the pressure that drives us out to the place where only He can sustain us. I knew this was a such a time and so to many who could not see the rationale, I saw it as totally normal and God ordained. Continue reading

Speak to It!

God gave Moses one simple instruction. Speak to it! Read the story here…

The Children of Israel were still in the wilderness but coming to the end of their 40-year journey. They had been in this position before. There was no water for them to drink and they were again attacking Moses about this problem that God had solved more times than they could probably count by now. But yet they heckled and jeered and cursed. Moses did what he always did, went to God and reminded him that He was the reason they were out there and they needed water.

God’s reply was that this time rather than strike the rock as was the custom, he was to speak to it. This simple instruction said several things. Moses, you have what you need in you. It is no longer what you have in your hand but what you have become. My word is in you, so speak to it.

Moses probably understood what the Lord said but rather than be obedient he became filled with pride, cursed the Israelites out and hit the rock with the rod. Water did come forth but Moses lost what He had been working on all this time. He lost the right to enter The Promised Land.

You may be so close to your Promised Land today but don’t get arrogant or prideful, stay humble and focused. Almost doesn’t count. You have to make it in.

A Lesson in Miracles

Jesus said, Take ye away the stone. Martha, the sister of him that was dead, saith unto him, Lord, by this time he stinketh: for he hath been dead four days. (John 11:39)
The thing about needing in a miracle is that they don’t usually manifest until the 11:59th hour, right before the clock strikes 12. They are never early or seem on time…in fact, they happen after all hope is gone and most of the spectators who showed up to see it have already left for home.
You get your miracle because you keep waiting, long past everyone else. You get your miracle by ignoring conventional wisdom and just barreling ahead.
Miracles happen when the people who once lived by them now tell you its much better to be realistic and practical. Miracles occur when you yourself have lost all hope and have run out of your own efforts. They are manifested when you know longer have shame or more ideas, just a need for God to be God bigger in your life than He has ever been before.