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Eezee Kricket Blazing Global trail

BARBADOS – EeZee Kricket, a catchy new Caribbean board game, is set to to enthrall cricket enthusiasts around the world.

Barbadian James Corbin, a Bimventures-funded entrepreneur and creator of the exciting game, reports he has inked a distribution deal with Britain’s Serious Cricket, one of the largest specialist cricket companies in the United Kingdom.

Corbin asserts the deal with the British company will enable him to start positioning EeZee Kricket as the world’s greatest international cricket trivia game.

Serious Cricket, which distributes cricket equipment, clothing and DVDs worldwide, has started sales of EeZee Kricket through its website – a major coup for the Bajan company as Serious Cricket ships products around the world.

Corbin, who recently returned from the United States, reported that he is in talks with a potential distributor in New York to reach the burgeoning Caribbean-American Diaspora market.

“Our talks with respected Brooklyn-based businessman Edgar Henry, who heads up the Flatbush Business Improvement District, show tremendous promise considering that cricket is not a hugely popular sport in the US,” said Corbin. “However, the tradition captured within this exciting trivia game is sure to appeal to the members of the Diaspora and those from cricket playing nations,” he added.

Growth is also expected in Asia following a visit to the cricketing powerhouse of India where Corbin discussed a distribution deal not only for the board version of the game but also the TV edition of EeZee Kricket. This will help market the Bimventures product to tens of millions of cricket fans in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

Meanwhile, the televised version of EeZee Kricket is expected to be introduced closer to home in Trinidad, Jamaica and Guyana in the near future.

Created in Barbados, EeZee Kricket captures the history and tradition of this great game, and will challenge enthusiasts around the globe. Questions on all aspects of world cricket combine to create a real match on the board.

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