10 Questions on Empowering our Girls with Life Coach Patricia Evers

Life Coach Patricia Evers is also the Editor of I Inspire, for girls.
Life Coach Patricia Evers is also the Editor of I Inspire, for girls.

Life coach Patricia Evers answers 10 Questions about her passion for empowering girls.

1. Who is Patricia Evers?

Answer: Patricia Y. Evers was born on the beautiful island of St.Maarten in the Caribbean; she is the CEO at Inspired Living consulting, she is a Life coach, Motivational speaker, Mentor, Author and Change Agent. A wife and mother of two teenage boys who is passionate about seeing people develop a positive way of thinking and speaking about their situations.

2. Why life coaching?

Answer: After 19 years at the Federal Tax department and many interactions with both adults and youth, I had developed a passion for seeing lives transformed, which prompted me to leave my job to pursue a career as a life and personal development coach. I also embarked on one of my dreams to start an online girl’s magazine. Through many experiences and hardships I learned how to recognize and respond to the changes in my life and to allow the power of God to transform me from the inside out. I am reaping the benefits today and that is the message of change which I offer to the world.

3. There is this push to hire coaches for different aspects of life. Why are coaches important?

Answer: A life coach I believe is the missing link for many in the successful advancement of their lives. A coach will challenge you to utilise and enhance the gifts and abilities you already possess to be able to live the life you want to. A coach will motivate you, encourage you and push to excel beyond what you believe you can achieve. A coach will teach you to set smart goals so you can achieve your dreams and your desired success.

4. Why focus on girls?

Answer: My focus is on girls and young women because I believe as women we are gifted with the power of influence and learning how to use this gift through understanding who they are and having a vision of what they want out of life is important to them having that impact on society.

5. How did your childhood prepare you to mentor young women?

Answer: My childhood was filled with adventures and what I believe was self-discovery. Yes we were taught early on to be responsible. I learned to believe in myself and also that I could do anything I put my mind to do. Back then it was just about competing with my brothers as I was the first girl after four boys. I quickly found my voice and knew very well how to speak up for myself to avoid getting undeserved punishment.

6. How important is faith in your goal to mentor and coach?

Answer: For me my faith is the key to my success, understanding that in myself I do not possess sufficient abilities to be able to assist anyone in their situation. God makes me sufficient. He gives me wisdom and knowledge and understanding of situations that I may not have experienced, but am still able to give wise counsel in them. When you understand also that you can’t take someone where you’ve never been before and having the necessary faith in my situations allowed me to trust God with the outcome.

7. Are our girls more prepared to handle adulthood than previous generations?

Answer: Some of our girls are very strong willed and determined to succeed and I believe they will be a force to be reckoned with in their adulthood; however there are some that need some extra guidance and an extra push in the right direction. Like I said earlier they need to better understand who they are and what they truly want out of life before they can make their mark and leave an indelible impact on society.

8. What will it take to change this?

Answer: I believe in education and personal development and this doesn’t necessarily have to come from a classroom. I believe our girls and young women need more positive role models that are willing to devote some of their time to speak life into this generation. I believe we spend more time talking about the problems with our youth and far too little time investing our time in them so we can take them from a place of perishing to flourishing and from death to life!

9. What are three things that each of us can do to mentor others?

Answer: Three things each of us can do to be a mentor to other is to simply (1) Be genuine and truthful about your intentions. (2) Be an example of what you speak and a positive role model. (3)  Being a mentor requires sacrifice, be ready and willing to make them.

10. How can we connect with you?

Answer: To connect with me visit | Email me at
To get a copy of my book visit:  | Twitter: @PatriciaEvers |  Skype: patricia.evers40

Focus Your Hustle

FocusYourHustleIf you spend any time online and on social media someone will try to sell you something. Including me. Buy my books here 🙂

Anyway read on.

If you are insecure in any way about what you are selling or doing to make money of your own, then you will spend even more time searching to find ways to sell better or do business better. Before too long you’ve read five steps to this and ten steps to that and how to make six figures without leaving your living room.

You can literally waste away precious hours which you should be spending on building your business, reading and clicking, reading and clicking.

There is merit to spending time reading up in your area of interest but it’s important to keep things in balance.

You’ve got to spend more time working on your business then reading other people’s ideas about how to build a business. It doesn’t matter whether you are reading articles by a marketing guru or the world’s best entrepreneur; at some point you’ve got to shut everything out and get to work.

If you think of the internet as your support network to help you succeed in business and utilize it that way then you are setting yourself up for success.

Set aside time to do reading that inspires and motivates you. Time yourself if you must so that you don’t take away from the time you should be working on your business activities.

Depending on your tasks you may need to reference How To videos or other types of research online but again get the answer you are seeking then go back to work. Give yourself a time limit if it is a challenge for you to stop clicking to read other information long after you’ve found the answer.

For your business to succeed you must spend your energy and your time doing the work that will build it. That means setting goals and meeting them. Planning a campaign and executing it. Sending out invoices and paying bills.

Focus is your key to get your business hustle on. Make your venture your number one priority.

What’s Your Story: Writing the Story of Your Business

keep calm - tell your storyYou’ve only been in business a few months or maybe a few years but you have got a story worth telling.
People connect with stories and that is not limited to small children. We all love a great story, which is why magazines, news programs and the plethora of blogs online grab us daily.

What story do you tell?

Tell me the story of how you decided to start your business. What was the gap you saw in the market and how you knew you had the ability to fill it?
Have you had a satisfied customer who doesn’t mind shouting from the rooftops how you helped them solve a problem? Then get a few quotes to add substance to your tale. No need to speak dollars and cents unless it is to show how you helped them break the six-figure mark or whatever the target was they had set.
Maybe you are just getting started and so you don’t have any satisfied customer stories to pull from. Don’t despair. Look and listen.
Around you are the stories of life happening. How does your company offer a solution to a problem that a government or financial institution is facing? Do you have alternative and non-traditional strategies to solve an age-old problem? Use these as the basis to show how your company has the answer.
Share these stories on your company website, social media or in a press release to your local and regional media.

Need help crafting your stories? Then drop me an email at

Tell Your Story: Writing a Compelling Job Letter

You don’t need to begin with Once Upon a Time but you do need to find engaging ways to tell the story of your area of expertise.

If you are applying for a new post which you may not have qualifications in, telling the story of how your past experiences have prepared you for the new opportunity is very important.

You must be able to grab the reader from the first paragraph. You don’t do this by saying you have no qualifications but show how through your previous roles you’ve gathered expertise which are applicable to the present position.

Even if the position is in the same company you work for, don’t take it for granted that they know you and what you’ve accomplished. Your priority is not to remind them that you’ve been here for ten years and so you should be their first choice. Rather it is to tell them with a story how your ten years have not been wasted and has given you an understanding of the company’s culture, its vision and enabled you to acquire the skills to execute the role effectively.

Wrap up your letter with a clear vision statement of how you can help them reach the goals identified in their job advert.

Make your contact information very clear and express your willingness to provide additional information and to meet with them to discuss your application further.

I wish you well on your job search.