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Rihanna’s Song Inspires New Inter-Racial Romance by Bajan Author: What Now?

Cover-WHAT-NOW-WEB-PAGE (819x1280)How did Bad Girl Rihanna’s track What Now inspire Bajan author’s new book? Read on to find out.

Rock star Nick Badley has no bucket list; he’s living it. He’s been there and done that, yet a part of him is still unfulfilled and he’s beginning to ask himself the question: What now?

What Now? Is asked and answered in the latest novel by Barbados Today columnist and author, Donna Every.

This is Every’s fourth romance  novel but for the first time it is not set on her home turf of Barbados.

Every says: “While my last novel The Price of Freedom, was set in Barbados, this novel is set in the US and to a lesser extent in Barbados.
Journalist Shari Goodwin would rather be reporting about the effect of micro-financing on women in developing nations. Instead, she’s been assigned to follow around Nick Badley, like a groupie, to make a documentary about him.
When they meet, both of them resent having to work with the other. Shari sees him as an overindulged rock star who has earned the nickname, Nick Bad. Nick sees her as a judgmental reporter whose surname suits her to the max. So, when attraction flares between them, Shari is determined to fight it. After all, Nick is in the habit of having any woman he wants and she refuses to be the next in line.

Every says that she had the concept for the novel in her head and it was confirmed when she heard two songs on the radio one after the other on the same day: “Faithfully” by Journey and “What Now?” by Rihanna. The book takes us inside the world of a rock star and the woman who is about it to rock Nick to the core. Donna combines inspiration, passion and romance in her novels which feature inter-racial couples.
What Now? is now available on Amazon’s Kindle store.

Listen to What Now by Rihanna here…

New Anguilla poetry book launches at Governor’s reception for LitFest 2015

GREAT BAY—Where I See The Sun – Contemporary Poetry in Anguilla, A New Anthology Edited by Lasana M. Sekou, launched Thursday, May 21 at Government House in Anguilla.

Her Excellency, Ms. Christina Scott, the Governor of Anguilla, will hosted “the official launch of the book” at the “reception to commemorate the 4th anniversary of the ‘Anguilla Lit Fest,’”. The literary festival runs from May 21-24.

Where I See The Sun has already met with bold comments from new generation poets and authors, said Jacqueline Sample, president of HNP, the book’s publisher.

“This is pure poetry: critical, sincere and plain. The glorious and convoluted history of small island nations sits heavily on the shoulders of so few. This may be your only chance to hear them speak like this,” writes Wena Poon, award-winning Singapore-born American author.

The Guadeloupean author and hiphop artist Fola Gadet finds that the poetry of the collection is “rooted in a strong desire for real freedom.” There are over 90 poems by 43 poets from the 35 sq. mi. island in the book. Most of the poets and the poems were never published before.

The anthologized poets include: John T. Harrigan, Bongo Joe, Medora, Tyrone James, Vanessa Croft Thompson, Catrina Jones, Alexis Ryan, Sharleen Gumbs, Fabian Fahie, George Hodge, Zipporah Bannister, Marvin Gumbs, Kay Ferguson, Davon Carty, Magueda Jackson, Wendell Lake, Gregory Maye, and Bankie Banx.

“Their names may ring hollow to many a literary critic or student of Caribbean Literature, (with the exception, perhaps, of the venerable Bankie Banks, a true musical legend who has stuck to his Anguilla roots through thick and thin),” wrote literary critic Fabian Adekunle Badejo in the preface to the book.

The other writers are: Mikael Mussington, Teresa Richardson, Vernon Webster, Sharon Lake, Clemvio Hodge, Jemmisa Graneau-Gumbs, Rolandito Richardson, Akeem Rogers, Amethyst Davis, Leroy Hill, Iain Bibby, Rita Celestine Carty, Cassilda Carty, Patricia Adams, Reuel Ben Lewi, Marnair, Alvin Payne, Romeine Browne, Delano Smith, Hyacinth Hughes, Akeem Rogers, Jervayne Daniel, Jason Richardson, Dollynell Best, Rennetta Lewis, and Oluwakemi Linda Banks.

The important thing about the budding and seasoned poets in Where I See The Sun “is that they now will be heard throughout the region and beyond and the story they tell, a reminder that size really doesn’t matter when it comes to human experience and existence or for that matter where it concerns creative output,” said Badejo.

Where I See The Sun will be available at the Anguilla Lit Fest, the 13th annual St. Martin Book Fair, IrieLife, Van Dorp,,, and other bookstores.

Caption: Where I See The Sun – Contemporary Poetry in Anguilla, A New Anthology Edited by Lasana M. Sekou (House of Nehesi Publishers).
Caption: Where I See The Sun – Contemporary Poetry in Anguilla, A New Anthology Edited by Lasana M. Sekou (House of Nehesi Publishers).


Dancing Nude in the Moonlight by Joanne C Hillhouse is 10

Dancing Nude in the Moonlight, Antiguan writer Joanne C. Hillhouse’s novella about love across cultures, was published in 2004 to critical acclaim in the Caribbean. The book is taught in Antiguan and Barbudan high schools, and gives a touching picture of the problems a young couple face as they attempt to build a life together.

Dancing cover 2Selena is from Dominica, and Michael is from Antigua. She is a single mother, struggling to make a living in a new country. He is a former West Indies cricketer, forced by injury to coach a school team instead. In spite of their mutual attraction, their path to happiness is a rocky one as they try to bridge the gaps between their two cultures and their different lives.

In addition to this work, the new edition includes “fan fiction” and poetry based on the story, and other short stories and poems depicting life in Antigua. Hillhouse’s clear-eyed social observations and deep understanding of the issues facing women in the modern Caribbean in particular make these stories tender and powerful. A social worker comes to terms with her own past as she struggles to help a girl who has been abused; a teacher forms a complex bond with a former student; and a widow tries to hold onto her memories of her happy marriage in spite of revelations about her late husband.

Joanne C. Hillhouse is the author of Musical Youth, which placed second in the 2014 Burt
Award for Young Adult Caribbean Fiction; Oh Gad! a 2014 “Weekend Reads” on NPR; The Boy from Willow Bend; Dancing Nude in the Moonlight; and the children’s picture book Fish Outta Water. She has also been published in several international journals and anthologies, including Round My Christmas Tree, Pepperpot: Best New Stories from the Caribbean, For Women: In Tribute to Nina Simone, and In the Black: New African Canadian Literature. Hillhouse lives in Antigua. She runs the Wadadli Youth Pen Prize writing program to nurture and showcase the literary arts. Visit and

Festival Day is in the New Caribbean Christmas Anthology

Image from Festival Day by Kathryn Duncan of KaribGraphics Trinidad
Image from Festival Day by Kathryn Duncan of KaribGraphics Trinidad

It is always great when you can make something old new again. In this case, one of my favourite poems from Islands Days is now featured in the new Caribbean Christmas Anthology just released by CaribbeanReads Publishers.

Festival Day which highlights the dual celebration of Christmas and the cultural festival on Montserrat is included Round My Christmas Tree.

The book features 27 stories, poems, recipes, and artwork that range from the sacred to irreverent and from heart-warming to just down-right funny, according to the publisher’s website.

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Antiguan Author Releases Award-Winning Novel, Musical Youth

MUSICAL_YOUTH_Cover-webBASSETERRE, St. Kitts – Teen readers in the Caribbean and the world will have one more book to read this week when the award-winning Musical Youth by Antiguan and Barbudan author Joanne C. Hillhouse is released. The book, which placed second in the 2014 Burt Award for Caribbean Literature, follows one eventful summer in the life of a group of Antiguan teenagers. According to the book’s blurb, guitarist Zahara and Shaka, a musical genius find love and challenges as they take part in a musical that they must get right by the end of the summer. Readers will be drawn in by the book’s cast of interesting characters and will love the musical thread that runs through the story.
The Burt Award for Caribbean Literature is administered by CODE, a Canadian NGO with 55 years of experience supporting literacy and learning in Canada and around the world. As a second place winner of this award, Musical Youth will be distributed throughout the Caribbean to libraries and similar learning institutions. In addition, CODE supports professional development of writers and libraries. One of the first events connected to Musical Youth will be a free workshop for adult and teen writers this November in Antigua. The first place winner is A-dZiko Simba Gegele of Jamaica with her novel All Over Again and third place was won by Jamaican author Colleen Smith-Denis with her novel Inner City Girl.
“This is an important book,” comments a representative of the publisher, CaribbeanReads Publishing, “because Caribbean teens will be able to see themselves in the young people in the story and relate to it. There are few books that achieve this goal and that’s why we are so excited to be a part of this and of Joanne’s success.”
On their website, the administrators of the BURT Award describe the book as follows: “Musical Youth is a beautifully crafted novel with the leitmotiv of music running throughout it. This is a powerful and credible story of young love between two likeable heroes.”

Joanne C Hillhouse, author of Musical Youth. (Emile Hill Photo)
Joanne C Hillhouse, author of Musical Youth. (Emile Hill Photo)

This is Joanne C. Hillhouse’s fifth publication. She has won fellowships to Breadloaf, Callalloo, and the Caribbean Fiction Writers Summer Institute and has been awarded a UNESCO prize as well as the David Hough Literary Prize. She runs the Wadadli Pen Writing Programme to nurture and showcase creative works by young writers in Antigua and Barbuda. Her other publications include The Boy from Willow Bend, Dancing Nude in the Moonlight, Fish Outta Water, and Oh Gad!
Musical Youth is available online on Amazon in both print and kindle formats and in some bookstores. Learn more about Musical Youth and the author Joanne C. Hillhouse at .

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