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Domestic Violence: My Story III

Me on the cover of my magazine Truly Woman.

I have stopped pretending that my experiences are solely for the benefit of others. That what I go through is all so I can have a testimony after a storm to help somebody else. I was tired of being a fly on the wall of my own life and pretending it wasn’t happening to me. I didn’t want to wait until I was in a hospital somewhere with burns or injuries to cry for help and I didn’t want to live with the knowledge I showed my kids that love would always hurt. Continue reading

Domestic Violence – My Story II

Having your own money is a key part of being able to walk away from violent relationships, says Nerissa Golden.

The second time I was in the shelter, I was divorced and alone. I literally had run for my life and had no choice but to leave the kids behind.

Three weeks prior, my parents had asked me to leave their home with my children, knowing fully well I had no resources or place to take them. During this period, I had also been waiting on the Lord to manifest some promises that He had shown me to come to pass, so I was not too afraid about leaving. Often, when God wants us out, He will allow our very family and friends to be the pressure that drives us out to the place where only He can sustain us. I knew this was a such a time and so to many who could not see the rationale, I saw it as totally normal and God ordained. Continue reading

Domestic Violence – My Story

I have been in a domestic violence shelter on three different occasions. The first time, I was there for five months as an employee. Newly married and a baby still smelling brand new, I thought myself in the perfect location to do what I love to best, encourage women to love themselves enough to live without pain.

During that period, I read everything I could about abuse, knew the ten signs by heart that your relationship is an abusive one but I quickly brushed over the more subtle signs with the one big one that I had never been hit. A threat is not a hit, intimidation is not a punch, taking you away from the people and things that mattered to you is not abuse. It couldn’t be. Continue reading

Caribbean mornings

I love mornings in the Caribbean. Here on Montserrat I am usually treated to an early morning shower that makes me want to snuggle in bed rather than start my day. But it is always worth it to get up and greet the day and my Creator, who sends me a love letter after each rain shower in the form of a rainbow.
Rainbows are an eternal promise of God’s love for us and His instruction that we go out and replenish the earth, follow the dreams He has given us and live in anticipation of the return of Christ.

Rise Again

Easter is gone but I’m just kicking into mode. Dallas Holm’s Rise Again comes to mind. A favorite my sisters and I sang at church regularly back in the day.

It tells the story of Jesus’ crucifixion from His perspective. This is one of those moments when I will flow with the Spirit and say that your life may look the same way right now. You’ve been believing God to do great things…You dared to share the visions God gave you with your significant other or a friend and they’ve mocked you.

Worst of all your life went from pretty ok to down the tubes in a moment it seemed, bringing you to more derision and mockery.

“If this is the Son of God, why doesn’t He come down,” they shouted. “If you are truly a child of God, why are so many things happening to you? I thought you said you were going to be a successful business person. How come you are filing for divorce…where is your God now?”

Let them talk and mock you. Let the mock your Jesus but know this…Sunday came. I wish in your life, Sunday took three days to get there from the time your situation begun but that is rarely the case. Just rest assured your Sunday morning of victory will come and when it does…the same people will be there to say “Wasn’t this the Carpenter’s Son? Surely He must be the Son of God.”

Be blessed today