Beyond the Mess

There’s a crazy and wonderful thing that happens once you get beyond the mess.
Call it what you will but it only shows up when you don’t let your mess keep you stuck.
The woman with the issue of blood in the bible comes to mind. The story goes that she was bleeding for 12 years and couldn’t get relief. She’d already tried every natural and scientific method known to man at the time but her problem only got worse.
She was basically an outcast according to Jewish law. Once a woman was bleeding she couldn’t be part of everyday activities. Imagine never being able to be with your family and friends, living life on the fringes.
She heard about a man coming to town. Jesus.
This man was said to be doing miracles, feeding thousands with a handful of fish and bread, healing sick people and raising the dead. She wasn’t dead yet but probably thought I am pretty close to it as this is not living.
She had two options, give up and expect never to be well or break tradition and Jewish laws and get into the crowd and see this man.
The story says she thought if only I could touch Him I would be whole. The Hebrew word for whole is the same as peace. A better definition is “Nothing missing, nothing broken.” She wasn’t trying to have a conversation or tell her story. She just wanted to touch this man because surely that would be enough. She’d already told her story, everyone knew her business and all about her non-life. If this man was anybody of note, he wouldn’t need her story.

You’ve got to get tired of the story. It becomes the excuse, the reason why you don’t progress. You get addicted to telling the story and getting the commiserations from others.
She broke through the resistance in her own mind and her need to keep a distance from everyone. Her desperation to be healed was greater than her need to keep the law and to keep accusing eyes far away.
She must have been smelling. Her clothes may have been soiled. She didn’t care. She was already broke and had no relationships left to lose. She was out of options.
She touched Jesus and the story goes that immediately the blood leakage stopped. Jesus felt that someone had tapped into His power and He questioned who touched him. She confessed to what she’d done. He went further and declared you are whole (nothing missing, nothing broken). He not only healed her body but she also received a restoration of her relationships and resources.
You’ve been bleeding for a long time.
Your finances are a mess.
Your home life is in shambles.
You have maintained the façade long enough that you got it together. I know. They say “never let them see you sweat.” Don’t listen. Some situations will require you to sweat, cry, or bleed your way to victory.
Don’t worry about what they will say. Don’t mind the eyes on you accusing you of being someplace you shouldn’t be. Press in. Let them see you bleeding. Expose the areas of hurt, not so they can inflict more pain but so you can receive victory.
You have nothing left to lose.
Beyond the mess of your current circumstance is a miracle. It will be received when you make yourself vulnerable to the very people who have the most power to hurt you. It comes when you no longer care about maintaining an image or reputation and you hunger for freedom and victory more than the accolades of man.
The magic happens when you let go of trying to find your own solution and you surrender to the power of the Almighty to bring about victory in a way that restores and elevates you.
All of creation is waiting to do you good.

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