A First: e-Catalogue with Caribbean niche products for global shopping

Kingston, Jamaica – To celebrate the launch of Curated Bazaar, an intimate group of family and friends enjoyed a preview of arguably, the first of a kind e-catalogue as a Brunch ‘N’ Shop experience at Triple T’z Eatery at Annette Crescent, Kingston, where persons had traditional Jamaican brunch and shopped via the Curated Bazaar’s e-Catalogue featuring sparkling Jamaican artisans and authors. Twelve cottage businesses, in diverse areas, were showcased and shoppers were afforded an enhanced and convenient option for owning island gems, unique yet budget-friendly, while providing small vendors with a gateway to the global market place.

According to founder, Caribbean Fortress’s Gale Peart, niche products from Caribbean countries will be featured for a full year, season-to-season in Curated Bazaar. Jamaica, the founder’s country of birth, was selected as the inaugural place. Yvonne & Errol Anderson, proprietors of Triple T’z Eatery, best known for Sunday brunch, welcomed the opportunity to collaborate on this innovative project with Caribbean Fortess’s Gale & Kevin Peart.

The Pearts felt, “…an e-shopping guide with sparkling West Indian items was missing from the global landscape and would widen offerings for shoppers to conveniently preview and plan for gift selections.” The Curated Bazaar e-Catalogue platform bridges the gap to have a happy outcome all around for the shopper, local vendor and organizer. Plus, e-exhibitors will gain valuable insights, via social media metrics, to determine ahead of a physical bazaar which item(s) resonates best with their targeted audience and to gauge inventory accordingly. The 2014 e-catalogue will run from December 7 to 25 at http://caribbeanfortress.tumblr.com.

The works of sparkling (rising and established) stars spurred interest and sales. There was something for everyone – from a limited edition bust of Garvey for collectors to a Marcus Garvey-branded pencil package for as little as J$350 and Caribbean children’s literature by award winning author Diane Browne who was on hand to autograph copies of her popular Island Princess in Brooklyn book. Friends of the Rastafarian faith and heritage enthusiasts reveled in Rastafari and Jamaica Journal publications.

The eclectic gift collection also included brilliant abstract art by Alicia Thomas to Bridget Sandals gift certificates, Avant Academy’s music lessons to a gift of Natalie Murray’s Gentle Detox programme for those desirous of making a lifestyle change after holiday binging and even online professional services by the Job Huntress. Sweetie Confectionary’s display by Patria-Kaye Aarons, a well-known CVM television personality, was popular for its affordable price and pleasing fruit flavours of June plum (golden apple), guava and jackfruit.

The catalogue was favourably received and resonated among shoppers many of whom prefer to shop online. The private showing had Wi-Fi connectivity with a mix of complimentary Red Stripe Sorrel Beer, which was a ‘hit’ among adult shoppers. Music by Something Special, Harold Davis’s newest CD, contributed to an enjoyable soiree for patrons.
Next: Spring Collection – Jamaica. Grenada or Trinidad & Tobago is being considered as the next Caribbean country for which sparkling artisans and authors are to be featured. Readers are invited to make the decision on Caribbean Fortress’s Facebook page.
Among guests were Professor Errol Morrison and Dr. Fay Whitbourne Morrison; the island’s former Contractor General Greg Christie and wife Janice; construction engineer Donald Nembhard, journalist R. Christene King, media consultant Elaine Wint, attorney-at-law Natasha Thompson-Benjamin and Vauxhall Primary’s beauty princesses, who were excited about their Sunday outing and Kremi ice-cream treat.

Caribbean Fortress Ltd. (CFL) is a full service agency for business events (fundraisers, conferences and incentive travel events, etc.) that was formed by a brother-sister duo, Gale and Kevin Peart. In April 2014 CFL was selected for the Women Innovative Network Community (WINC)’s Grow your Business (GyB) project in Antigua & Barbuda, a World Bank initiative.
Earlier this year the company helped to raise J$1.1million for The Queen’s School’s 60th Anniversary Gala Dinner, a fundraiser for a school auditorium. Other past events include hosting Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN)’s Paul C. Brunson, a relationship coach, in New Kingston, Jamaica and Mike Michalowicz, a Wall Street columnist and author of business books. Philanthropy is a cornerstone of CFL and they take special pride in volunteer work done for the Emrie James Museum at St. Andrew High School’s digital marketing activities, which led to an award winning YouTube channel.

Contact: Gale Peart: 564-8041 | caribbeanfortress@gmail.com

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