The Caribbean have won 227 medals at previous Commonwealth Games

United Kingdom – With Germany winning the 2014 World Cup, the world’s attention now turns to next big sporting event, commonwealththe Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games which officially starts on Wednesday, 23rd July.  And of the 71 nations participating, 17 will be from the Caribbean region.   So how successful have Caribbean athletes been at the previous Commonwealth Games?  Well an infographic created by Caribbean & Co – the ultimate guide to Caribbean lifestyle and luxury brands – using data from the Commonwealth provides insight. Specifically:

  • Caribbean islands have participated in 18 of the previous 19 Commonwealth Games
  • Jamaica in 1966 is the only Caribbean island to have hosted a Commonwealth Games
  • 227 Commonwealth Games medals (2.64% of the total awarded) have been won by 11 Caribbean islands in 9 different sports
  • The most successful Commonwealth Games for the Caribbean region was:   Manchester 2002 (31 medals), Melbourne 2006 (29 medals) and Kingston 1966 (25 medals).
  • The three Caribbean islands that have won the most medals include: Jamaica (112 medals), Trinidad & Tobago (44 medals) and The Bahamas (31 medals).
  • 168 of the 227 medals were won via athletic events.

For more insight on the performance of Caribbean athletes at the Commonwealth Games, review infographic displayed below.


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