7 things to do before quitting your day job

Whether you’ve been toying with the idea of stepping out on your own or worried about job cuts at your workplace, here are seven things to do now before you go solo.

1. Update you resume. A modern resume needs to clearly show the results that your years of work have delivered. “Managed a sales team which brought in $20 million in sales in 2013.” “Oversaw the management of $175 million infrastructure project.” If your only education listing is that of secondary school from 20 years ago, it should not be given prominence. Rather, highlight what you’ve achieved in the role with the organisation.

2. Create a web presence. Even if you do not know what type of business you want to run, begin to position yourself as an expert in your areas of interest. Purchase a domain name with your name such as nerissagolden.com. Your website should include a blog in order to share articles about the issues that matter to you and which you are qualified to write on.

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