Your One Thing

What’s your one thing?

The one thing that when you do it, all seems right with the world.

Women have been conditioned to make that one thing – that rightness be connected to having a man. The When I stories that we tell ourselves to appease the loneliness we feel, when we feel shame at the image reflecting from our mirrors, the disappointment in our child’s eyes when we can’t grant them their wish.

What is your one thing?

The one thing that lets you feel so alive and light that you soar.

Your one thing is hidden in the places where only in the darkness of night do you confess to wanting it. The secret you carry that if life wasn’t the way it was, you’d do it every day for the rest of your life.

What is your one thing?

Denying your one thing may lead to accolades from man of sacrifice and serving the greater good. But what of your one thing which is needed for you to leave this life fulfilled.

Find your one thing. Embrace it. Honor it. Do it.

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