Programme for Queen’s #BatonRelay on Montserrat

QUEEN’S  BATON  RELAY – Montserrat, March 25 – 27, 2014

QBR Barbuda
The Queen’s Baton Relay has also visited Barbuda on its journey to the twin-island state of Antigua and Barbuda. Montserrat will be #50 on the 70 nation tour.

Arrival at J. A. Osborne Airport on March 25, 2014 (2 charters at 0850 and 0905)

Baton to arrive on the second charter at 0905

9:15 Premier Meade to receive the Baton

9:20 The CGF Representative (Fortuna Belerose – CGF Regional Vice President) to say a few words.

9:25 to 9:45 Masquerades perform with baton, photo opportunities and meet the press.

9:45 Baton to leave the airport escorted by the Police and carried by Miss Montserrat Tazia Briscoe to the village of Lookout.

9:55 Upon arrival at Lookout, the Baton will be carried to the school lawn of the Lookout Nursery and Day Care Center for a photo with the students.

10:00  The Baton will be run from the Nursery School past the Lookout Primary School where the students will be assembled on the side of the road outside their school.

The runners are: _Jordan Ryan, Victor Ludorum, Joint School Sports

The runners are:_Anicia Turner Victrix Ludorum, Joint School Sports

10:20 The Baton will travel around Lookout Village and then to the Tropical Mansion Suites Hotel. The Special Needs Athletes will be there for photo opportunities.

1:00 – 3:00   Travel to the Montserrat Port Authority for a trip and photos of Plymouth from the MV. Shamrock and Hubert Buffonge’s Boat (weather permitting)

5:15     Travel to the MVO for sunset photo of the volcano etc. To be met by: Rod Stewart, director of the MVO.

6:30   Dinner at Olveston House with the Montserrat Rotary Club

DAY 2 – March 26, 2014

8:55   Baton to leave the Hotel in Procession (Police, Open Car with Miss Montserrat, Athletic Officials etc. It will travel to the Brades Primary School where it will be met by the students of the Brades Primary School.  Miss Montserrat will hand the baton to the principal Ms Inez Fenton.

Runners: Aidan Livan_ and Waynette Fenton

9:20  Baton departs and will be met by James ‘Scriber’ Daley of Scriber Adventure Tours at the Oriole Walkway Trail (Woodlands entrance) for photo opportunities.

10.00  Children arrive from St Augustine School, Aunt Madge & Salem Day Care Centres

St Augustine School Glee Club take up positions at entrance to Government House (GH)

10.15  School children to be seated near front door of GH

His Excellency the Governor arrives at GH

10:20  Miss Tiffanie Skerritt reports to the front door of GH in National Dress

His Excellency the Indian High Commissioner arrives at GH

10.25 Governor, High Commissioner and Miss Skerritt take up positions at GH Entrance

10:27 Baton runners depart on slow run own main drive at GH

10.30 On arrival of the baton at GH entrance the Glee Club perform the National Song

10.32  The baton is presented to the Governor by the lead runner Shareese Chambers

The Governor accepts the baton on behalf of Montserrat

10.40   Richard Aspin welcomes all

Speeches from:

  1. The Governor – H.E. Adrian Davis
  2. The Queen’s Baton Relay Team Leader – Louis Rosa
  3. A representative from  GOM  — Hon. Colin Riley

The Governor then presents a plaque to the QBRTL.

10.50 Adults will then go inside Government House for refreshments and the signing of the                    accompanying Commonwealth Games Book by Miss Tiffany Skerritt.

10.55 The baton is passed around the assembled school children by the President of the Montserrat Commonwealth Games Association, Mr Bruce Farara and his members. (Photo opportunities)

11.15 Glee club sing a goodbye song and the baton departs (by road) through bottom gate

11.30 School children depart.

11:30  Baton departs Government House. Stops at Fire Station and Police Headquarters before making its way to the Little Bay Public Market (Tourist Board) when it will be run by the senior Montserrat athletes to take part in the MSS parade of Athletes starting at 12:30 (as below)

Baton to be run from the Market to the Little Bay Sports Field.

The Baton will be run from the Public Market to the Little Bay sports field by Lester Ryan and other MSS past students who are also training members for the Montserrat Commonwealth Games Team to Glasgow 2014. It will arrive at exactly 12:30pm

Names: Lester Ryan, Julius Morris, Arlin Skerritt and Alford Dyett.

It will be run to the start position of the March Past where it will be handed to:

Warren Thomas and Mikila Gittens (Winners of Road Race) to lead the parade.

At the end of the parade the baton bearers will assemble in front of the tent for the opening ceremony.

Opening Ceremony Agenda Item 1:  Prayer

After the prayer the Baton will be presented to the MSS Principal, Mrs. Cherlyn Hogan who will accept it and place it on a display table.

Opening Ceremony Agenda Item 2:   Principal’s Welcome and Remarks.

Opening Ceremony Agenda Item 3:   Opening Remarks, Hon. Jermaine Wade

Master of Ceremony – Eugene Skerritt

The baton will be on display during the sports and used for photo opportunities.

DAY 3 March 27, 2014

Optional for revisits, press, photo opportunities before the baton departs Montserrat at 4:30 pm.

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