Teen Author Invites Readers to Take a Dive in the Ocean and Learn from Nature

Brades, Montserrat – Warren Cassell Jr., a teenage businessman from the Caribbean, examines aquatic life and shares his findings in his new eBook, Swim or Drown: Business and Life Lessons I’ve Learned From the Ocean.

Cassell, who started his first business at the ripe age of eight, has recently been bitten by the writing bug. After publishing his first book, The Farm of Wisdom: 25 Unforgettable Tales that Will Ignite a Wiser You!, in September 2013, he started sharing his thoughts on the blog ZapSocial.co. His work is highly focused on the connection between nature and business.

Inspired by the vast expanse of the ocean, Cassell set out to discover why turtles are born on land, why sharks can’t breathe without swimming, and how all these creatures work together to create a functional ecosystem. His discoveries are structured to lead the reader to a revelation shared by all great human thinkers.

“The aim of Swim or Drown is to get people to understand that nature holds a lot of lessons,” the budding entrepreneur says. “When I found out that only five percent of our waters have been explored, a light bulb went off. I knew that there had to be pearls of wisdom hidden in the seas.”

As is apparent in all of his work, Cassell believes that once we take the time to pause and observe, our surroundings will reveal large amounts of wisdom to us.

Swim or Drown can be purchased on: Barnes and Noble and Amazon.com

About Warren Cassell Jr.

Warren Cassell, Jr. is the author of The Farm of Wisdom and Swim or Drown. At the age of eight, with a capital investment from his mom and dad, he launched his own greeting card and graphic design company.

After this, Warren embarked on a number of other ventures including an application development firm and a web hosting service provider. By the time he was thirteen years old, he had been investing in companies and doing business with firms and clients all over the world.

With a business and investment portfolio ranging from financial services and media to Internet and food manufacturing, it is safe to say that Warren is the living proof of the fact that anyone with a vision, determination and dedication can achieve great success.

About the Book

“Swim or Drown: Business and Life Lessons I’ve Learned From the Ocean”

By Warren Cassell, Jr.

Pages: 60

Price: US$0.99

ISBN: 978-1483517346

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