Anguilla Choice Awards Partners with ComeSeeTV

THE VALLEY, Anguilla – The organizers of the Anguilla Choice Awards – are partnering with online streaming powerhouse, ComeSeeTv International, in a strategic effort to expand the reach and impact of the event. The Anguilla Choice Awards is an Award Show honoring everything and everyone that makes Anguilla the amazing place that it is. All nominees, preliminary winners, finalists and award winners will be selected by the voters using twitter and Facebook.
This partnership comes at an opportune time as ComeSeeTv has increased efforts to partner with organizers of Caribbean events to stream their events live to the world, exposing the rich culture, talent and sites of our region. ComeSeeTv International is a content delivery service provider utilizing several hubs worldwide and has as its mission “… to foster socio-cultural and economic community development, creating viable income generation avenues for the youth and to empower women.”
“So what better way to express this mandate than to align ourselves with a Government that has seen it fit to recognize the contributions of its people to developing the Anguillan economy! All this, only weeks before the official start of the Anguillan carnival celebrations where many people wish they could travel to Anguilla to be a part of this magnificent event,” said Mr. Lindsay George, CEO of ComeSeeTv International. He continues, “But as not everyone will be able to travel to Anguilla to be part of the celebrations, we’re putting all our effort and resources in ensuring that no one is robbed of this experience by streaming a top quality production to everyone online … LIVE!”
The ComeSeeTv Caribbean Network celebrates new partners in – the premiere online Caribbean news portal; and CaribVision – the eyes and ears of the Caribbean. Also part of the ComeSeeTv Global Network is – linking Carnival and Tourism. This combination of the 4 C’s of the Caribbean is unbeatable for any Government or event organizer considering online streaming or promoting their activities. The Anguilla Choice Awards team is fascinated at the prospect of working with ComeSeeTv International.
“This year, we have found a gold mine promotional partner in more ways than one so we’re extremely enthusiastic and completely energized. We have recognized the need to go international with our event, and this partnership withComeSeeTv International is a perfect fit to provide quality pay-per-view streaming to the Caribbean countries and the rest of the world,” stated Anguilla Choice Awards.
The Anguilla Choice Awards can be seen live online here and the free activities prior to and following the main event will be live also on CaribVision.

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