Filmmaker Launches Campaign to Fund “iD: My Dominica Story”

Youtube_1106A young filmmaker is on a quest to discover his father’s homeland in “iD: My Dominica Story” and he is seeking funders to help make it a reality.

Richard Etienne, an independent filmmaker who runs Maven Pictures UK has launched an idiegogo crowdfunding campaign to raise 5,000 pounds to make a 45-minute factual documentary about his father’s homeland.

Richard Etienne's father.
Richard Etienne’s father.

Invest Dominica and LIAT, the Caribbean airline have come on board as promotional partners, however funds are needed to purchase some equipment and to cover on the ground costs of producing the film.

“With your money, we want to add as much production value and quality as possible. We are going to be using a variety of top-end equipment and the end result should be one of professional standard. A great deal of the money will go towards film equipment and transportation because in order to make a film about Dominica, we’ll need to see lots of Dominica and the mountainous terrain deserves to be tackled in order to show you guys the true beauty of Dominica,” the filmmaker says online.

Richard’s father passed away from cancer at the age of 51 before he could really learn more about his homeland of Dominica. It is his desire to learn more about the country and the people who helped to shape the man he knew as his dad. He recounts the following memory on his blog:

“2001. Late evening, somewhere in London:

[me watching TV] “ah man, this is terrible!”

[dad sitting at his bureau with back to TV] “What’s wrong son?”

“There’s nothing good on TV.”

“Okay…so why don’t you just make the type of telly YOU want to watch”

That was my dad. All about the common sense.

Fast forward 5 years and I bought myself a video camera and never looked back. Problem was, by the time I made my first film, cancer had already called time on my dad’s 51 years of existence and there was so much about his fascinating life before my birth I had yet to learn.

The Story

iD‘ will showcase Dominica’s history and beauty through my personal journey of self-discovery, as I visit my fathers’ birthplace for the very first time to commemorate the 10th anniversary of his passing. My hope is that the documentary will educate and inspire young people to do something similar, whilst maintaining a cross-generational appeal.

As well as delving into my family history, I will explore the island’s natural landscape and social history; our team aim to have contributions from Dominican sports stars, musicians, historians and politicians. This film will discover the REAL Dominica and the people who create the culture of this beautiful island as I go about putting a small, uncelebrated country, firmly on the map.”

Gifts of 1000 pounds and more will gets you Associated Producer credits on the film, which is expected to be completed by October 2014. Review the full list of offers on their indiegogo page for the iD – My Dominica Story film.

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