New Music: Raign Spreading More Love

Port-of-Spain, Trinidad -Strong and passionate in her belief that women are the nurturers who hold the power at this time to return the world to its peaceful, loving state of existence, South Trinidad native, Liz Steinberg is making a powerful statement. Both through music and the resonance of her voice, which confidently expresses the need for women to put their feet down and tell their employers, “If I work five days per week, I need two days to spend with my family,” Liz is raising awareness for what she feels the world needs now and forevermore- love.

A brand new single called, “The World Needs More Love”, which was written by Steinberg who goes by the sobriquet, Raign – a combination of ‘rain and reign’, has hit the Caribbean market. The song- a reggae single, was produced by New Jersey based producer, Taj Waltons who worked with the Fugees, engineering some of their greatest hits. For Liz, it’s an expressive single aimed at stirring up thoughts and provoking action- action to love more.

Having spent 26 years of her life in the United States, Steinberg who holds degrees in English and Psychology decided to return to her birthplaceLiz Steinberg2 a few years ago. She however says she’s had to deal with many issues that have tested her strength- issues that could have led her to hate human beings who she came into contact with, but she hasn’t. Instead she holds on to the love within her. Bent on spreading this message of love of self and love of mankind, Raign is working on her album- Fire and Ice. It’s been in the works for some time and through the promotion of herself via this particular reggae single, she plans on completing it. The album, she explains is truly a jazz-pop album with a compilation of music that’s truly significant to her. Arduously working on the project with local entertainer Gounzsman, Raign assures that the finished product will be amazing. “Once we’re finished with the album, we’ve got a distribution deal with Virgin Records,” she said, noting that this isn’t the first time her music has been picked up by a distribution company or label. “I did a remake to Whitney Houston’s ‘I Will Always Love You,’ and it was a hit some years ago. It would play all the time on the radio stations in the US and it was on the college charts as well,” she said. Beyond that, she recorded two other singles, which she noted were picked up and distributed overseas as well.

Truly blessed with the gift of music, this soulful Trinbagonian native is ready to own her place in the global music industry. Having taken time off the music circuit to focus on family, she’s back with the determination to sing and change the hearts, minds and souls of every person she can touch. “We women have the power. There’s a feminine energy in the world right now. The feminine energy is the energy of love, the energy of comfort. As women, we need to bring back that comfort and love in the minds and hearts of our children,” she said with an air of confidence. Raign, the woman who has taken two homonyms and applied them, renaming herself suitably, she feels, with a name that defines her, is on a mission to spread love through music and positive vibrations. “Rain offers a sense of renewal and we are all gonna do that,” she said assuredly.

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