In The Little Things

Montserrat’s flora and fauna are guaranteed to bring a smile to the beholder and a moment to say “thank you” to the Creator. (Courtesy Montserrat Tourist Board)

I remember being pregnant in 1999 and so excited about the birth of my first child. I read as much as I could about what to expect but also prayed constantly for God’s direction. Not long after Nia was born I found that so many things had shifted for me, personally and professionally. Many of them should have made me distraught, like no longer having a job, but I welcomed the change and the chance to be with my baby 24 hours a day.

In years to come it quickly became my preferred choice to have my children with me as I worked and so entrepreneurship was right up my alley. This wasn’t an easy decision and often I felt that I must not be ambitious enough or I didn’t try hard enough to get a “real” job.

I was so concerned about my lack of interest in all of my previous pursuits that I got depressed and wanted to just withdraw into myself but that isn’t easy to do with a young baby and so I prayed about this constantly. What came to me then and comes to me this morning as I write this, is to know the season you are in and live it.

We have so programmed ourselves to believe we know the way our life should take and where we should be at what time that we are often blinded to the fact that life takes its own turns and those are just as valuable and even more so than the ones we plan. As I grew to understand that my worship to God was not restricted to a church building or a time of day, or a specific activity. I found that being a good mother and wife were the ways that gave worship to God. Longing to be something I could not be or was not necessary, was to reject the gifts and opportunities in my hands to worship my Creator.

You may feel today that you are not accomplishing much. “I don’t know what my grand purpose is.” You don’t need to know that. Look around you. Look inside of you. What are the roles in your life right now that bring you joy? What things are you doing or can do you right now which give support and encouragement to others?

Do not underestimate the power in being a good mother, a good wife, friend, sister, colleague, boss. While these roles are just a part of you, they provide vehicles for you to help others and bring praise to God.

Now, 12 years later, I still enjoy being a mother. While I am now employed, I find pleasure in knowing I have some flexibility to make decisions to be with the children at times when they need me to be. They no longer require my 24-hour attention and that is also a natural part of the process. It still surprises me how easy it is to do something great for God. We overlook sharing a smile, offering a ride or a kind word, helping someone fulfill their dreams and going after our own. Each little joy adds up to purpose and worship.

Do not despise your days of small beginnings for in the little things you will find God.

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