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Starting over on Montserrat in 2009 with my four children had its share of challenges. One of them being we’d move home without a permanent job and my short-term contract was coming to an end. I remember the last pay check I picked up disappeared almost immediately as I paid the rent and utilities.

Leaving the electricity company office after writing that check and knowing there wasn’t anything left to buy groceries, I silently worried about how I would feed the kids beyond what was already in the house. With four active kids still on summer break it wouldn’t stretch very far. As I stood at the corner waiting for the bus a car pulled up in front of me.

“Hello,” the gentleman said. I wasn’t sure I recognized him but he smiled as if he knew who I was. “How is Daddy?” he continued, which meant he knew my dad.

“He is well,” I replied.

“Do you need any avocados?” he asked pointing to the paint bucket loaded with them in the passenger’s seat.

“Sure I would love some,” and took the two he handed to me.

“Take some more,” the stranger prompted and found a bag to put them all in.

I said more thank yous as he drove off, marveled at the generosity of someone I didn’t know but also this sense of knowing that God was saying He would provide.

There are many days when I still get to those moments when there is too much month left at the end of the pay check but a reminder of those avocados always stills my cares and I relax knowing God provides always. His supplies are never short. His ways of providing aren’t always as direct. Some days its an idea that I get which can be turned into revenue but it shows neither God or you are limited in the ways that you can be taken care of. There is always supply.

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