Chee Chee heads to Trinidad nature park in third adventure novel

Cover of third novel by Carol Mitchell Trapped in Dunston’s Cave.

BASSETERRE, St. Kitts – It’s been two years since Chee Chee the monkey took children on a Caribbean adventure but he’s back in Carol Mitchell’s third novel Trapped in Dunston’s Cave.
In the new book, now available on, Mark, Kyle, Ingrid and Mark’s pet monkey Chee Chee set off for a school trip to Trinidad’s Asa Wright Nature Centre excited and ready for adventure. However, when Kyle disappears in the rain forest, the trip turns into a dangerous encounter with poachers who are trying to steal rare oilbirds from Dunston’s Cave.
This third installment in the Caribbean Adventure Series takes a new twist as it deals with current issues of nature and animal conservation. True to form, Mitchell presents a colourful representation of the Caribbean island of Trinidad mixed with history and present-day culture through the eyes of primary school children.
“Trinidad is one of the islands in the Caribbean that holds special memories for me. I spent my formative years living there and I loved visiting the Asa Wright Nature Centre. I knew I wanted to take Chee Chee and the children to this park before I even completed the second novel,” recounts the author. “I am really happy to provide our children with a new way to learn about the importance of us taking care of our environment, our animals and the flora and fauna for future generations to enjoy.”
The Asa Wright Nature Centre and Lodge is a nature resort and scientific research station in the Arima Valley of the Northern Range in Trinidad and Tobago. The Centre is one of the top bird watching spots in the Caribbean; with a total of 159 species of birds recorded there. The centre became internationally renowned for its easy access to wildlife, especially the Oilbird (Steatornis caripensis) colonies in the nearby Dunston Cave, and large numbers of hummingbirds.
Trapped in Dunston’s Cave is aimed at children age nine to twelve but the action-packed 100 pages is a good read for adults as well. Readers will get hints of the adventures Mark, Kyle and Ingrid experienced in Book One, Adventure at Brimstone Hill and Book Two, Pirates at Port Royal, which take place in St. Kitts and Jamaica respectively.
“Reading is still the best way to stir the imagination of our children and also to instill a love for learning and for their culture. Putting each book together is a pleasure because I get to delve into the history of each island and remind myself of what makes each nation unique but yet still so Caribbean,” Mitchell says.
Order your copy of Trapped in Dunston’s Cave and find out if Chee Chee is able to save his friends from the poachers at the Asa Wright Nature Centre in Trinidad.
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