Run into Your Blessings

My thoughts this week kept running back to Joseph in Egypt and the price he paid to save a nation.

After being torn from his father’s house by jealous brothers, sold into slavery and rising to be in charge of Potiphar’s house he is left with the choice of honouring his God or his own flesh. The bible tells us that Potiphar’s wife kept after him. It wasn’t a one time request, she continued to pursue him and make her intentions clear. Joseph in turn kept insisting that he was not about to sin against his God and also to disrespect his master who had entrusted everything in his house to him, except his wife.

One day when the house was empty, she again made her offer and Joseph under pressure ran for his life, leaving his coat behind. This she used to prove to her husband that Joseph had abused her, which landed him in jail.

A brother can’t catch a break it seems. Right about now I would be questioning if I hadn’t already been through enough and proved to God that I would be faithful. Just when he is feeling good about overcoming all of those obstacles his brothers placed in front of him, he is in prison.

But the blessed are the blessed and this is not dependent on location. Before long Joseph is in charge of the prisoners and even prosperity finds him in the cells. He is able to bring wisdom to the dreams of other inmates and has asked only that the cupbearer remembers him when his job is restored.

Joseph languishes for another three years but at the opportune time when the Pharoah has a dream he cannot interpret, he is remembered and able to bring clarity and wisdom to Egypt’s leader. Pharoah thanks him by putting him in charge of Egypt’s store houses and responsible for gathering grain for the barren years he prophesied were ahead.

Eventually Joseph is able to not only save the people of Egypt but those of neighbouring nations, including his father’s house and his brothers.

I am reflecting on Joseph as I reflect on choices that I have to make from time to time. I don’t for one minute think it was easy for Joseph to run away from this woman but he did. He had a greater picture in mind than temporary pleasure and that picture kept him focused and empowered to run.

Often as women, we seem to not want to make radical steps. We want everyone to remain our friend and have no enemies but we have to at times decide that the ultimate goal is greater than the temporary loss of a friendship, job or other issue that we thought we could not do without.

Remember the devil is out to destroy you. He is not interested in being your friend. You cannot dabble with sin and believe you won’t get burnt. Stop sitting on the fence and make a decision to run from sin and the people who seek only to abuse you and take from you. Reject relationships that poison your spirit and cause you to have to compromise. Don’t accept anything less than the blessings God has for you. Like Joseph, you will have to go through trials and be tested and have to wait but in the end it will be worth it all.

Joseph ran away from sin and ran into his blessing. A blessing is never a blessing if it only benefits you. Can you be courageous enough to run from sin and the ties that the enemy wants to trap you with and trust that it will be to the glory of God and those you whole dear?

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