Dream It!

You are not too old to dream or to young to see your dreams come through. No addendums to that statement, it is truth.

We have so been schooled by our peers, society and our inner fears that dreams are just dreams and shouldn’t be brought into the light. Well YES Caribbean is for the dreamer in all of us. Those dreams that are reoccurring daytime or night, you can see yourself running that business, performing on a stage, starting a charity to help troubled teens.

My favorite way to dream is wide awake and some pen and paper close by. I’ve learned that your dreams can become your reality but you have to grab them out of the realm of the imagination, and make them tangible. You do that by writing them down.

Once you see it in black and white it then begins to take on a life of its own. Whether you are ready to admit it or not, you just took the first step to starting that new business or changing careers.

Don’t stop now! See you at YES Caribbean May 25-28 on Montserrat.

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