There is no limit to creativity says “About Women” Conf.


(left to right) Moderator Nohraya Godfried, Speakers Eric Panneflek, Lusette Verboom, Lizanne Dindial, Teressa Moore Griffin, organizer Reyna Joe and moderator Lynda Williams

WILLEMSTAD, Curacao – Exiting and inspiring. That was the general reaction of participants at the 8th annual women conference in Curaçao ‘About Women and Creativity’. The conference took place at the Hyatt Regency Curaçao with female and male participants.

The conference was dedicated to the memory of 2008 keynote speaker Rita Andrews and 2007 Outstanding Woman Zelma Maduro.

The ‘About Women and Creativity’ conference started with an elegant afternoon tea pre-conference session. Keynote speaker Lizanne Dindial LLM was the first in the evening to address the conference. She put a mirror for all those present showing that the community today is the result of what women did and are doing. ‘Women not always are making the right decisions when they have to deal with the well being of their children and those are today’s kids in the community’.

Next was the Outstanding Woman award recognition that went this year to Jenny Fraai for her work to teach adults reading and writing. She got an award in the form of an elegant shoe made by artist Gala Martinus.

‘About Women and Creativity’ continued on Saturday morning with the speech of Lusette Verboom from Curaçao, owner of art gallery Kas di Alma Blou and Landhuis Habaai who eloquently spoke of how she made creativity her business and how many people do not understand how important creative expression can be as a business for the community. For Lusette Verboom it is also necessary to start again an Art Academy that must contribute to the general formation of people.

Next speaker was Teressa Moore Griffin from Philadelphia, USA, author of ‘Lies that Limit’. Teressa Moore Griffin showed how people walk with all kind of programmed lies while creating limitations that again will limit their creativity resulting to beings who will never reach their maximum potential.

The last speaker was Eric Panneflek MBA from Curaçao who showed those present how they are undermining their own financial future and consequently thus cannot benefit from the creativity in them. His message was loud and clear: ‘your financial future is in your known hands’.

The conference concluded that women are creative beings and that there are many factors limiting ones use of creativity both in private and professional life.

Also that those necessary changes in the community must come from women.

The organizers also informed those present that the continuation of the conference in the future is in their hands regarding the quality and level presented.

During the day there were different energetic activities that completed the experience of another phenomenal annual women conference in Curaçao, next to an exposition of dolls made of newspapers by artist Gala Martinus.

The next annual women conference in Curaçao is March 3, 4 and 5, 2012.

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