rebranded to cover Caribbean

LONDON, United Kingdom – The Caribbean region and its diaspora communities internationally, now have a one stop online resource to connect all its people globally.

MNI ( was re-branded and re-launched on January 29th, 2011with the mission of being a global online Caribbean marketing, networking & information (MNI) platform. The website, which has been under development for the past seven months is the brainchild of UK based Caribbean journalist, Jeevan Robinson. Editor-in-Chief Robinson says, “MNI Alive is a much needed and long discussed realisation of an international media house that will provide information covering varying aspects of Caribbean life with features, views, marketing & news, that brings Caribbean diaspora communities and the region itself under one umbrella.”

MNI ( features such categories as entertainment news and artistes that in the spotlight. The site has launched with a feature on the Caribbean’s biggest female Soca star, Alison Hinds; as well as other big Caribbean centred artistes. Going forward, the site will be catering to provide much more of these types of features, whilst also showcasing videos and music of the regions entertainers around the world and at home.

Other features include the Global Connect & Caribbean Connect categories that will look to provide an insight into what Caribbean people are doing in the various diaspora communities where they live, mainly UK, USA & Canada. Thus Global Connect features a section for UK Connect, Canada Connect & USA Connect. Robinson says this will allow all of our people globally and at home to know and feel involved in what other Caribbean people are doing in their different places of abode, whilst also highlighting high achievers of Caribbean descent wherever they may be located.

The Lifestyle section features more of an interactive feel with engaging pieces on Caribbean women, relationships, food, travel and also many of the issues that affect Caribbean people irrespective of location.

Harnessing the efficiency and instantly accessible world wide web, MNI Alive brings Caribbean people together in an easy to use one stop location with content produced by an in house team of writers and also sourced from the global press covering the Caribbean across varying geographical regions.

Robinson is of the view that the Caribbean is a rich, diverse and ever evolving community and the people of the region even though dispersed globally, still maintain a strong tradition of excellence, cultural expressions and participation in the development of their adopted communities but most importantly, a commitment to the development and progress of the Caribbean islands from which they came.

In this way, MNI Alive is more than just a Marketing, Networking & Information (MNI) publication for Caribbean people globally. MNI Alive is about bringing Caribbean people together in a one-stop location like no one has ever done prior.

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