Antigua and Barbuda Parliament to be Home of OECS General Assembly

CALIVIGNY ISLAND, Grenada – Heads of Government of the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States meeting on Calivigny Island in Grenada for a Special Retreat of the OECS Authority have agreed that the parliament of Antigua and Barbuda will be the home of the OECS General Assembly.

Prime Minister Spencer speaking from Grenada on Monday evening said that based on a proposal presented by the Government of Antigua and Barbuda which outlined the amenities and features of the Antigua and Barbuda parliament, Heads agreed that it would be ideal for the General Assembly which will consist of Members of Parliament and Legislatures from member states of the OECS.

The OECS General Assembly is one of the new organs established under the Revised Treaty of Basseterre establishing the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States Economic Union.

The OECS General Assembly will be the body responsible for considering and reporting to the OECS Authority on any proposal to enact Acts referred to it by the Heads or Council of Ministers.

The General Assembly will consist of five members of parliament from Independent States with at least one member coming from the opposition benches.  The members must consist of the Prime Minister and Leader of the Opposition. The Legislature from the other member states of the OECS will elect three members with two members coming from the elected government while the opposition will elected one member.  Members of the Assembly are eligible to serve for two years from the date of election.

“This is an important achievement for Antigua and Barbuda.  We have been leading the way in matters relating to OECS integration and to have the OECS General Assembly in Antigua and Barbuda is a symbol of our commitment to the cause of bringing the region closer together.  The Government is looking forward to the convening of the General Assembly very shortly,” said Prime Minister Spencer.

The Parliament of Antigua and Barbuda is believed to be one of the most modern and state-of-the-art architectures in the region.  Among some of its notable features and amenities are its multimedia and technology features, conference and workshop facilities, Observation Deck and dome shaped Debating Chamber.

The Parliament of Antigua and Barbuda, which is approximately 47, 000 square feet was built in 2006 by the Hadeed Group of Companies.

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