Antigua and Barbuda makes Donation to Haiti Disaster Response

ST. JOHN’S, AntiguaThe Government of Antigua and Barbuda on Monday officially made a donation of EC$153, 331.41 to the CARICOM Secretariat raised from the Antigua –Haiti Disaster Response 2010 Account established at the Antigua Commercial Bank on January 13, 2010 following a massive earthquake which devastated Haiti.

The Government opened the account with $100, 000 and encouraged citizens of Antigua and Barbuda to make donations which would form part of CARICOM’s efforts to rebuild the country.

On Monday, following the transfer of the funds to the CARICOM Secretariat, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Office of the Prime Minister, Ms. Paulette Otto commended the people of Antigua and Barbuda for their demonstration of support which she says will be added to contributions from other CARICOM countries to provide much needed comfort to a great deal of Haitians who are re-building their country.

Permanent Secretary Otto also urged Antiguans and Barbudans to continue to keep the people of Haiti in their prayers as they battle the challenges of rebuilding and fighting the spread of cholera.

The funds raised will go towards CARICOM’s project planning support for Haiti which include housing and shelter, debris removal, health and sanitation, education and agriculture.

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