CaribbeanTales 2011 Content Incubator[™] March 2011

US Director Julie Dash leads a Directing Masterclass at CT2010

March 14 – 20, 2011 at the new Island Inn, Barbados.
CaribbeanTales  is delighted to announce this exciting opportunity for filmmakers:

What it is:

8-10 projects in development will be selected for inclusion in our 5-day intensive Content Incubator aimed at developing market-driven content. We are looking for projects that are both distinctive, and commercially viable. Our focus for 2011 is on the exploration of popular indigenous stories and characters that will attract large audiences and funders, and contribute to a sustainable regional industry.

What we are looking for:

Projects selected will be feature films or long running TV series, both narrative and documentary.

What is in it for you:

Successful writer/director/producer teams will have the opportunity to:

– participate in our 5-day intensive Content Incubator conducted by international specialists and filmmakers.
– compete for our Best Pitch award.
– be elligible to participate in our 2011 Co-Production and Distribution Lab through which CTWD will work with producers to finance and distribute their projects.

How to Apply:

Submissions MUST include the following information:

Name of project; writer/director/producer/

production company; length of film, format, country of production, logline, synopsis,  filmmaker Bio, Target audience, financing plan; 10 script pages, and (if available) trailer.

Please send all submissions to

For more information contact:
Frances-Anne Solomon –, or
Mary Wells –

DEADLINE January 31st 2011.


Founded in Barbados in May 2010, CaribbeanTalesTales Worldwide Distribution is a full service distribution company aimed at creating money-making opportunities for producers of Caribbean-themed content. The company holds marketing events through CaribbeanTales Festivals and Events, and provides co-production services to producers. In September 2010, CaribbeanTales Worldwide Distribution hosted the first CaribbeanTales Market Incubator [™] for a contingent of 40 filmmakers and industry stakeholders during the Toronto International Film Festival. (view Trailer here)

CTWD was founded by filmmaker and producer Frances-Anne Solomon, and its principals are creative industries specialist Dr Keith Nurse (Chair), economist and businessman Dr. Terrence Farrell, producer and media personality Lisa Wickham, and filmmaker Mary Wells. CTWD is a member of the Barbados Business Enterprise Corporation.

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