“Life, Sandals Style” magazine launches

Sandals Resorts CEO Adam Stewart

TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO – The Trinidad and Tobago-based Toute Bagai Publishing Company (TBP) is teaming up with Sandals Resorts International (SRI), parent company of Sandals Resorts, Beaches Resorts and Grand Pineapple Beach Resorts, to launch the new “Life, Sandals Style” magazine this month.

The publishing company recently won a bid for the production of a magazine incorporating genuine, organic Caribbean features, while offering advertisers an opportunity to reach the hotel chain’s more than a million current and past guests.

Sandals Resorts CEO, Adam Stewart said his company was thrilled to enter into this new agreement with TBP to produce in-room magazines for their 20 resorts across the Caribbean.

Stewart commended TBP publications, particularly the MACO line, for providing unique insight into Caribbean life: “A large part of what we do at Sandals is to introduce the world to the Caribbean, its culture and its people, and this, therefore, is a great marriage between two leading Caribbean companies.”

TBP Managing Director, Neysha Soodeen said that the contract award is a huge vote of confidence in the company, endorsing MACO’s continuous efforts in production excellence.

Sooden affirmed that the quality of Life, Sandals Style is going to be far superior to any other in-room or travel magazine. Like MACO’s, the publication will be an over-sized coffee table, printed on matt paper.

“The high cost of producing this magazine I believe will soon pay off, as it will be kept as a collector’s item, unlike other in-room magazines which are used for quick information and then tossed away,” Soodeen said.

Soodeen noted that Life, Sandals Style will be mailed to an estimated 200,000 former Sandals guests in addition to being placed in every room of the chain’s Caribbean resorts. “Life, Sandals Style will be the most widely distributed magazine coming out of the Caribbean, with more than 300,000 copies printed,” she disclosed.

Soodeen believes that while the launch of any publication in the middle of a recession is considered risky business, advertisers have been very receptive to the magazine and most of its advertising pages have been booked. “Even though retail sales of magazines are down, the new Sandals-backed publication will be placed directly into the hands of the travel consumer,” she added.

The production of Life, Sandals Style caps an exciting year for TBP in which the company and its flagship MACO Caribbean Living magazine celebrated 10 years in the business.


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