On Life: If love finds you, just say thank you

by Catherine Tyson

Do you find that we spend a lot of time worrying about the packaging of love a lot more than you should?  He’s not tall enough, dark enough muscular enough.  She’s too plain and not flashy enough.  How much education does he have again?  What kind of job?

Are we kidding ourselves thinking that the perfect person actually exists?  Seriously, I have a really great task to ask of each person reading this.  Take a moment and go look in the mirror, any mirror, just stop what you are doing right now and go look in the mirror.  Did you do it?  Are you ready for the question then?  Did you happen to see a perfect person there in that mirror?  Now if there was not one there, in that mirror looking back at you, where one should be or you thought one was, then where in the world, pray tell, are you to find one?  I know that I seem to simplify things a lot when I write or talk or whatever but you know I think life is a lot more simple than we make it and we often make it more complicated than it should be.  There are even times when we worry what people think more than what we think and cannot differentiate who is doing the thinking.  When it comes to love we have to start thinking for our self and when it calls then we need to just answer.

The packaging may not fit our description but who cares about the packaging if the person is who we need them to be or who fits us.  There are many people who can attest to not even being attracted to a person at first sight and eventually fell insanely in love with them after getting to know them.  I mean in this day of internet dating where you don’t even really know what someone looks like, this is even more plausible.  Sometimes we think the timing isn’t right, but if the stars line up then maybe your timing is off. Being blessed to find someone who you can relate to and who has your back is simply a blessing.  There are some people who don’t want to be in a relationship and that is fine too but for those of you who want to be in love and who lament about love and who cry about love, I say stop whining and just look around.  Love is not going to come to your door and knock and say “here I am, the love you are looking for”.

Sometimes we have to go out and see what’s out there or when we’re out there, we might just have to pay closer attention.  Maybe you have been passing it day in and day out so focused on finding it.  Maybe it is the single guy at your local grocery store who always remembers you when you go by the juice stands or the girl who works at the port and helps you locate your shipping material.  You never know where love is lurking these days.  Maybe it is even in your own neighborhood, walking right by your house, or so I’ve heard; hey stranger things have happened!

Just follow your heart and let it lead you.  Live for today and stop saving it all up for what might or might not come tomorrow or what may or may not be.  Today is what is important and if you are lucky to find someone that you love and loves you back, then thank your lucky stars that you found them.  Love is nothing to scoff at or plan.  Love is there, waiting for you and when it comes, take it and just say thank you!

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