Carnival vibes come alive at “One More Wine”

Port-Of-Spain, Trinidad – St. John’s Hall in party central Port-Of-Spain was recently transformed into a scene directly out of Carnival Tuesday in sweet T&T as promotional outfit CR Events unveiled the latest annual concept event “One More Wine”.

Carnival Costume & Cooler Party was quite a sight to behold as patrons embraced the theme wholeheartedly by donning their full costumes or in some cases pieces of their costumes from Carnivals gone by.

When asked about event’s evident success, Carver Rullow of CR Events stated, “A vision has been transformed into an event of enormous potential. Carnival in summer has become a reality through the efforts of the pioneering minds that put together “One More Wine” the summer carnival costume party”.

One More Wine is a first time concept and even though there was expected apprehensiveness to the idea of one putting on a Carnival costume from a prior year the level of excitement at the event spoke for itself.

Carnival junkies and Soca-holics alike showed their enthusiasm for the concept by wearing their costumes from local bands such as Tribe, Spice, Island People, Harts and even foreign based festivals.

It was indeed apparent that he masses in attendance felt the festival vibes as they partied under the open night sky in an outdoor venue featuring a 40ft music trailer and club lights in celebration and re-enactment of the greatest show on earth.

One attendee dressed in her Tribe “African Lovebird” costume shared, “This party is not only a great, fun idea but it also gives me an excuse to use my costume again and after I paid so much money for it, I’m glad to get another chance to jump up in it again”.

Another patron gladly exclaimed, “This event is awesome and definitely necessary because one year is too long to wait for Carnival to happen again. I can just imagine how many people would be saving their costumes next year in anticipation of this fete”.

This event challenged the patrons to brave public scrutiny and to come out proudly in their beautiful Carnival costumes for this one of a kind event experience. At the end of the night patrons showed signs of bliss and a sense of accomplishment after being a part of a new and innovative way to celebrate Trinidad and Tobago’s culture while giving masqueraders the opportunity to get more out of their ‘one wear only’ and increasingly expensive Carnival costume.

“One More Wine has officially been qualified as an annual event to which all masqueraders (past and present) and the general party loving public can look forward.

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