On Life with Catherine Tyson: Clear the Path

Ever wonder why it feels like we are spinning around and around like little hamsters on a Ferris wheel seemingly going nowhere and getting there pretty quickly?  We make one step forward and then seem to go two steps backward and we can’t seem to stop that cycle.

Let’s call that the “murky path syndrome”.  We keep going down the same path and expect different results.  We hold on to bad relationships hoping to get into good ones not realizing that with full hands, we can’t grasp on to anything else.

We need to first clear the path, sweep it out, mop it up, or whatever it will take in order for us to get a different result.  If we keep walking in the same mess how are we expecting not to get stuck in it?  We are often stuck and can’t figure the way to get out.  The light is illuminating at the door; the voice saying “that way” is so loud that we even tell it to quiet down as we say again for the umpteenth time, “how do I get out of here”.  When we hold on to things that are not good for us, we don’t attract good or sometimes we even chase it away.

That great guy or girl that you are looking for has probably passed you by so many times while you were wasting time with that joker on your arm, all the while looking miserable and wanting to be seen by them!

The job of a lifetime is out there but meanwhile you hang out with your friends under the tree “reasoning” about the life you want and could have if only you could get a job, meanwhile having not applied for anything.

You hate where you live but have been there for years and have not made any effort to get something better.

You want to travel yet you don’t have a passport!

And the list goes on and on.  And there are the folks that you see doing all of these things and instead of celebrating them you are angry or begrudging of their life.

Clear your path to walk through to your dreams.  Clean up your mess to breathe in the fresh smell of success and empty your hands to receive the blessings that are in store for you.

And tell me, how your week is going at meinmylife30@yahoo.com or check out my website at www.somebodysmama.com.

About Catherine Tyson begin_of_the_skype_highlighting     end_of_the_skype_highlighting

Catherine Tyson begin_of_the_skype_highlighting     end_of_the_skype_highlighting was born in Grand Cayman and is the proud mother of three fabulous children who have inspired her debut work of being Somebody’s Mama.  Her book entitled I’m Somebody’s Mama is a humorous memoir of her life as a struggling single mother navigating the life of academia and work while raising happy, healthy children in today’s society.  It is a must read for all women, mothers, single or otherwise.  It is a story of perseverance against all odds and a motivation for all who read.

Ms. Tyson has a Master’s degree in Social Work and an undergraduate degree in Psychology and is a trained Counselor.  Along with her job as a Human Services Manager, she teaches self development courses at the Chamber of Commerce seeking to develop Caymanians and arm them with skills and qualifications to be successful in the business world.

She is the founder of the annual Me, in My Life, Woman’s Empowerment Retreat held the first Saturday in December which seeks to  motivate, inspire, and pamper women as they recognize their worth and begin to take care of themselves.  Catherine is also the founder of Generation Next that seeks to expose under privileged children with opportunities to travel abroad to see how the rest of the world lives while broadening their views and opening up their world.

Every other Thursday she writes a column for Caymanian Compass entitled “On Life” which seeks to help people lighten their load and live their best life.  Catch her most Fridays at the side of Sterling Dwayne Ebanks on air as guest host on Radio Cayman’s, Talk Today.  When not inspiring women abroad and on the home front with her kick butt attitude and sassy delivery, Catherine Tyson begin_of_the_skype_highlighting     end_of_the_skype_highlighting, born with the gift of gab is simply just destined to chat.

Find her on CITN every Tuesday night at 7PM on “Let’s Talk Cayman”.

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