Haiti Earthquake Donations Coordinator appointed

ST. JOHN’S, Antigua – The Government of Antigua and Barbuda wishes to advise all citizens and residents that it has fully endorsed the CARICOM Action in Response to the Haiti Earthquake. This decision is designed to ensure that the outpouring of support from Antiguans and Barbudans will make a discernable difference to the target beneficiaries. To this end, the Government urges the citizenry to channel all contributions through existing regional disaster management institutions to include the Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency (CDEMA), the CARICOM Implementation Agency for Crime and Security (IMPACS) and the Regional Security System (RSS).

Under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Skerritt, CARICOM has decided to focus its contribution to the relief effort in Haiti in the area of Health.   The regional response will entail the urgent provision of health/medical personnel, health supplies, emergency health programmes, and critically a field hospital and related facilities.  CARICOM’s relief efforts will also include transporting certain sick and wounded to specific health facilities in a designated Member State or States.  The latter will be accomplished through coordination with and assistance from PAHO.

To ensure optimal efficiency in the collection and transfer of financial contributions to the regional response to the disaster in Haiti, the Government has appointed Mr. Cordel Josiah MBE, well known community service volunteer and longstanding member of the Rotary Club, to serve as National Coordinator Haiti Earthquake Donations 2010.  In this capacity, the Coordinator is working closely with Mr. Philmore Mullin, the Director of the National Office of Disaster Services (NODS).

Mr. Josiah has been tasked with communicating with all individuals and organizations desirous of making financial contributions to the national response to the disaster in Haiti.  All such financial contributions, including the $100,000 pledged by the Government will be deposited into a specially created account at the Antigua Commercial Bank.

Through this medium, the Government wishes to advise the populace that the only officially authorized account into which donations should be deposited bears the name Antigua Haiti Disaster Response 2010.  The account number is 107070072. This account has been duly established with relevant checks and balances and control mechanisms designed to ensure that all contributions received go directly to the financing of CARICOM’s provision of health services and supplies to the people who have been directly impacted by last week’s devastating earthquake in Haiti.

Through this medium the Government wishes to commend all those individuals and organizations who responded immediately to the images of pain and suffering in Haiti.  Your generosity of spirit is commendable.  In order to ensure that your contributions produce maximum impact, you are encouraged to participate in the CARICOM response.  Alternatively, you may wish to liaise with established international agencies such as the Red Cross.

For further information or to make a donation to the Antigua Haiti Disaster Response 2010, citizens and residents are invited to contact Mr. Cordel Josiah at 464-4112 or the Office of the Prime Minister at 562-3860 ext. 286.

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