The truth about honesty

An old flaw/trait seems to be raising its ugly/truthful head again. I would like to think I have added some tact to it after all these years but not sure how that is working. Either way, I am sticking to my personal belief that honesty is the best policy.

My dad still remembers that when I was about six my sisters and I, had been left at home while they went off to church (this was back in the day when you could actually leave your kids in the house without an adult). His strict instructions was not to turn on the TV but go to bed. Well the minute he and mom were gone and my sisters were asleep, I was watching TV.

Wouldn’t you know it but hours later when they came home, I still wasn’t asleep and I felt guilty as ever and confessed to dad what I’d done. He never beat me and in fact he just hugged me and sent me off to bed. Man I have to say I have had to confess a time or two since then to him and I am not sure it gets easier the older you get. So now I make every effort not to have to do that to him or anyone else. I tell the truth (as I know it 🙂 the first time.  I must phrase it that way because I have seen the truth change when you get more information and the ability to see it from a different perspective.

To this day I prefer to tell the truth even it means I may be embarrassed cause it will result in my losing sleep. I love living and sleeping with a clear conscience. Sometimes the things I am admitting to aren’t as simple as “Daddy I watched TV when you said not to”. Its private stuff and sometimes the only person I have to be truthful with is myself. The minute I acknowledge it, then God and I have a conversation. Why is He never surprised at what I admit to Him? His usual response is “What took you so long? Go to bed.”

One of my favorite bible verses says “confess your faults one to another… that you may be healed (James 5:16).” I have found that admitting I am worried about a problem, obsessed with something I shouldn’t be, like a growing addiction to Facebook or harboring lustful thoughts for someone takes the shine off of it. Somehow the problem seems much bigger when I try to cover it up or pretend it is nonexistent. But shining the light of truth on it always makes it less daunting and the obsession loses it hold and priority status in my life.

So many of us keep our troubles and our challenges to ourselves. Afraid of what someone else would say but it is only in sharing our burdens can we be freed from them. We have not because we ask not, so today ask God for a friend or a mentor who would be willing to listen to you unburden yourself of the things that trouble your spirit, soul and body. He will supply. For others, write it down or blog about it and let it go. Whatever it takes, you need to release yourself from the shame, burden, baggage. Do it and give God the glory for Jesus already taking care of it on the cross of Calvary.

I’ve been told that I don’t always need to talk about God or Jesus in my writing but there aren’t many things I can think about writing that doesn’t include how important these relationships are to me and that is the honest truth.

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