That’s What Grace is For

I have learned that regrets are a waste of time. They take up emotional space and energy better spent on dreams and getting on with the job of living. It seems as if we are programmed to look back and moan and bemoan, misspent youth, lost love or a bad purchase. All wasted time, wasted energy, wasted emotions that keep us looking backwards instead of forwards.
When God commanded the Israelites from time to time to look back, it was to reflect on how far they had come on their journey and to give thanks for the miracles and the blessings they had been a part of. It was never about beating them over the head with the errors and desires to go back to Egypt or to serve other gods.
Still today God is asking us to look back and consider how far we’ve come, how much we’ve grown, the lessons we’ve learned, and how much He stills loves us and has in store for us.
When He sent Jesus to earth to become our Savior and Lord, He knew that we would be prone to look back and berate ourselves for the wrongs we had done. We berate ourselves in the way we assume God would do and in the way others have done to us. But God is not like man and He has no time for that. He sent Jesus to the cross to die for our sins and to become the grace we all need to continue in His favor. When we accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior, God no longer sees our mistakes, He can only see the blood of His Son, Jesus, which was shed for our sins.
Think about that grace today that is poured out and ready for you to take a hold of. Don’t spend another moment wishing you could relive that time and make a different choice. Stop bashing yourself, calling yourself names and punishing yourself for choices you made in the past. Jesus has already covered it all. So receive Grace today in the person of our living Lord, Jesus Christ.

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