Waiting for the promise

Wow! 2010 is here and already well on its way. I look back at 2009 and marvel that I made it. Marvel at how God fit so many life changing events into one year. I marvel that He sustained me and my children despite the challenges and that we made it through with our minds renewed and our spirits filled with hope and joy.

As I look ahead to the year I don’t have any resolutions but to maintain the journey that I begun in 2007, to surrender my agenda for God’s agenda. To surrender all of my dreams and desires and submit them to His plan for my life. What I have found that the very dreams I surrendered He is returning them to me and just like He promised, they are coming back 100 times better than when I dreamed them. Nothing you surrender for the sake of the gospel goes unrewarded.

I am looking forward to God fulfilling the promise He made to me back in the summer of 2007. Maybe this is the year, maybe there is further to go. No matter what, I know it will be great as I follow His plan.

Do you have a promise you are waiting for God to fulfill? No that He will complete what He started. He also says He is not a man that He should lie. If He has told you of it, it will come to pass.

Much love and success to you and those you love in 2010 and beyond.

Be blessed.

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