New Book: Brown Sugar and Spice

Brown Sugar Bk CoverPORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad -To celebrate its 10th anniversary this year, Toute Bagai Publishing Company of Trinidad and Tobago – publishers of the popular MACO line of magazines that is now distributed worldwide – is breaking new ground with the release of a children’s book, “Brown Sugar and Spice”.

It is the first time that Toute Bagai is venturing into this area of publishing, but Managing Director Neysha Soodeen says the company believes the time has come to play a role in the education of Caribbean children.

“Brown Sugar and Spice” is intended to encourage Caribbean children to read more and learn about their own history at the same time.

“I am very proud of this book and of its author Betty Peter for finally giving us here in the Caribbean a book which delves into our colonial days and allows the reader to experience these times through the eyes of a child,” said Soodeen. “This is an inspirational book filled with historical facts which makes learning fun for our Caribbean youth.”

“Brown Sugar and Spice” provides a riotous romp through colonial days during World War II as seen through the eyes of young Harriet. One may imagine that the war had no impact on Harriet’s life – but it did. One may think there was no turmoil or terror on those tranquil islands – but there was. And yet, despite these uncertainties, life went on.

Readers are assured to laugh out loud at Harriet’s hilarious antics as she moves among various islands in the West Indies. In this lively tale, she experiences malaria, wards off evil spirits, awakens to a German attack, builds a tree house village, terrorizes teachers, spies on adults, captures thieves and ultimately saves the day.

Neysha Soodeen-publisher“Deciding on whether or not to publish the book was easy…. there is not only a real need for our Caribbean children to read about their history, but also to be proud of it. This is a book which should soon make every school’s required reading list as there is simply nothing out there like it,” said Soodeen.

“Brown Sugar and Spice” is available at all major bookstores in Trinidad as well as at the Toute Bagai Publishing office, 26 Kelly Kenny Street, Woodbrook, Port of Spain, Trinidad.
The book will soon be available across the region.

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