Speak to It!

God gave Moses one simple instruction. Speak to it! Read the story here…

The Children of Israel were still in the wilderness but coming to the end of their 40-year journey. They had been in this position before. There was no water for them to drink and they were again attacking Moses about this problem that God had solved more times than they could probably count by now. But yet they heckled and jeered and cursed. Moses did what he always did, went to God and reminded him that He was the reason they were out there and they needed water.

God’s reply was that this time rather than strike the rock as was the custom, he was to speak to it. This simple instruction said several things. Moses, you have what you need in you. It is no longer what you have in your hand but what you have become. My word is in you, so speak to it.

Moses probably understood what the Lord said but rather than be obedient he became filled with pride, cursed the Israelites out and hit the rock with the rod. Water did come forth but Moses lost what He had been working on all this time. He lost the right to enter The Promised Land.

You may be so close to your Promised Land today but don’t get arrogant or prideful, stay humble and focused. Almost doesn’t count. You have to make it in.

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