A Lesson in Miracles

Jesus said, Take ye away the stone. Martha, the sister of him that was dead, saith unto him, Lord, by this time he stinketh: for he hath been dead four days. (John 11:39)
The thing about needing in a miracle is that they don’t usually manifest until the 11:59th hour, right before the clock strikes 12. They are never early or seem on time…in fact, they happen after all hope is gone and most of the spectators who showed up to see it have already left for home.
You get your miracle because you keep waiting, long past everyone else. You get your miracle by ignoring conventional wisdom and just barreling ahead.
Miracles happen when the people who once lived by them now tell you its much better to be realistic and practical. Miracles occur when you yourself have lost all hope and have run out of your own efforts. They are manifested when you know longer have shame or more ideas, just a need for God to be God bigger in your life than He has ever been before.

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