Let Him In

You’ve declared more than once, this will never happen to me again.

I will never let another man get close to me

No way will I fall in love or get married.

You’ve declared more than once that you will get over this and you will move on alone

Just you and your children. I don’t need a man.

I won’t judge you about your declarations because I understand that is how you are feeling today but I wan’t you to know that tomorrow will come and you are allowed to change your man.

Until then, I hope there is one man you will open your heart to today.

Jesus is the true lover of your soul. The husband that will never leave or abuse you.

The man that will always honor you and never forsake you or your children.

You may not feel worthy to approach Jesus today because He seems perfect compared to all of your issues. How could He ever love you who looks and feels so unlovable today. But let me tell you, He does. He loves you passionately. He loves you deeply. He loves you securely and He loves you surely.

Make no mistake. He is missing you. Longing to be with you. Knocking at the door of your heart, wishing you would open to see that He’s been there all along. Even in the moments when you swore that you were abandoned and totally alone. He has been there.

I know you declared to never love again but I challenge you to let Him in and let Him Love you.

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