How Big is Your God?

Without much effort I can hear my mom’s voice singing: “How big is God? How great and wide His vast domain. To try to tell my lips can only start. He’s big enough to rule this mighty universe. Yet small enough to live within my heart.”

I bet that you need your God to be very big in your life today. That the circumstances surrounding you leave you only two options. Going back to the land of Egypt where you will be under Pharoah’s bondage (your circumstance, lack, fear, sickness, no joy) or step into the water believing that it will part as you walk.

Many ministers today decry miracles as a thing that is only needed for when you get in trouble. That there would be no need for miracles if you had followed God’s laws exclusively and left your humanity out of it.

Not so. When the Israelites left Egypt they left under God’s direction. The path they took led them directly to the Red Sea. Moses hadn’t taken a wrong turn and the Israelites had not been disobedient. Yet, the only way to get across would be that the mighty hand of the Almighty would come to their rescue.

Do not allow the enemy to tell you that where you are today is because of your disobedience and your lack of faith. The Jordan river in front of you or your Jericho that must come down will come down under God’s instructions.

Do not deviate from the path God has set before you. Walk on and walk on with faith and praise. There comes a time when you can no longer look back and going back is not an option. When you cross over into your promise don’t think about going back to Egypt as the Israelites did from time to time. Know that your guide will see you through. He did not bring you into a new land to abandon you. He is faithful and will perform what He said He would.

So many times in the Old Testament God sent the prophets to warn His people about pining after Egypt – its food, lifestyle and even methods of doing business. God has a better plan and it will bring glory to His name and salvation to you and your children.

Be blessed today and know that your God is as big as you need Him to be in your circumstance. He can do no work unless you permit Him to. Dream big! Believe Big! Do Big! Walk on.

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  1. I am so blessed today by your postings. Thank you for walking in the will of God.
    Be Bless & continue to be a blessing.

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