Nicole Francis’ Book & CD Launch a Success

PHILIPSBURG – Dr. Nicole Erna Mae Francis’ book and cd launch, held on Saturday May 09, was deemed a success by all in attendance. The response from the attendees to Francis’ book and cd launch was phenomenal.

Rev. Stephane Brooks, a former teacher and an author himself, provided the following critique of Francis’ book, How to Thrive in Trying Times.

“How to thrive in trying times” by Dr Nicole Erna Mae Francis is a collection of personal poems and reflections on the lives and words of biblical characters such as Joseph, Jeremiah and others. Through these poems and reflections, she aims at:

1- bringing her readers to reflect on their own realities,

2- helping them to realize that others have faced or are facing similar battles,

3- lifting their broken spirit,

4- empowering them to re-inject life into their circumstances.

“Indeed, throughout her book, Dr. Francis presents scenarios and poses questions that enable us to uncover the malaise that we experience as a result of our personal choices and of the choices of those around us.

“In her response to the situations and questions, through Scripture and poetry, Dr Francis brings us face to face with the harsh realities of life and offers challenging counsel aimed at assisting us, the readers, in pulling ourselves up.

“As far as the book is concerned, it is clearly written in the sense that one does not need to keep a dictionary or a thesaurus handy. Consequently, my first reading of the material was very smooth sailing. Nevertheless, the material is not simplistic. Rather, it is deep and it is sound. It draws our attention to a number of aspects of life. It brings the reader to pause, to think, to say “but, this is me. Somebody told her about me. She is speaking to me.” And, ultimately, the reader is drawn-in and he/she just wants to go through the entire book.

“Having attracted the reader, the book also challenges him/her. One only has to look at the sub-titles: Standing Tall, In Pursuit of Excellence, A Call to Love, Hold on to your dream… Each one of these texts brings us to question our ways of thinking, our attitudes, our reactions, our responses to situations and, to see to what extent they contribute to our successes and our failures. Fortunately, after the challenge, the reader is not left on his own. Rather, he is given the guidance that offers a way out and up.  

“I found that, in many instances, there was a breath of fresh air mainly as it relates to applying the accounts of these Biblical characters to modern day life and experiences.

As far as the poems are concerned, they are great sources of practical wisdom and of encouragement that should be kept in mind throughout life.

“I see this book as a tool for those of us who are seeking to excel, on the medium or long term, whether we are presently doing well or not. It is a book for persons whose aim is to make something of life, in a very challenging world. Do I recommend the book? Of course; and, I do so for all the above mentioned reasons. But, most of all, I encourage us to read the book and to help push it because, it is one that offers hope to persons wherever they might be in life and, wherever they are in this world.”

The books and cds are currently available at Victorious Living; online at They also will be available by the end of this week at local retailers. For inquiries, call: 542-2663/524-8731/1-305-396-6805.

Pic: Dr. Francis signing her book for an inspired attendee